The SOCAP Fall Symposium ‘23 was held in Tampa Bay, Florida this year and celebrated the organization’s 50th Anniversary. The widespread forum serves as a go-to consumer service & customer care platform in the U.S. It provides collaborative opportunities for industry leaders, businesses, professionals, and members of SOCAP International alike.

Attendees converge to explore topics revolving around customer care challenges and exchange ideas on tested solutions to advance in their respective fields. The sessions are filled with expert insights, community summits, networking opportunities, and transformative tips from industry pros and trailblazers.

This year’s Fall SOCAP event featured a comprehensive lineup of experts, collaborative community summits, valuable networking prospects, and practical advice from experienced industry professionals and innovators.

As a longstanding SOCAP member, Premier BPO once again took the initiative to host the First-Timers’ event this year and attended the closing SOCAP IMPACT Awards Gala, marking the conclusion of the three-day symposium.

Throughout the event’s three-day duration, attendees were treated to informative sessions, a golf tournament, opening night dinners, and pre and post event activities, ensuring active engagement. The Symposium successfully united professionals from diverse sectors such as Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance, Contact Centers, Customer Relations, and beyond, all focused on enhancing the customer experience.

Highlighted Sessions from The Symposium

  • Experiencing Generative AI in Real World Solutions for Consumer Affairs
  • Intelligent Operations: Using AI to Improve Experiences at Scale
  • How to Navigate the Retail of the Future
  • Fireside Chat: A Rare Opportunity to Learn from the C-Suite
  • Spotlight: J.D. Power, The Future of the Contact Center
  • McKinsey: From Speech to Insights – The Value of the Human Voice

Recognition for Excellence in Consumer Affairs:

Premier BPO was honored with two awards among the prestigious SOCAP IMPACT awards during the Award Gala night. These accolades underscore Premier BPO’s commitment to delivering quality customer service through innovative training and continuous process improvements. They highlight the effectiveness of offshore outsourcing in achieving high-quality results.

Two separate individuals, Daniel Smith (recipient of the SOCAP award) and Trisha Cuenco (acknowledged as SOCAP Supreme Trainer), were acknowledged among winners for Premier BPO’s client teams for AMP Smart and Big Rentz, respectively. These accolades recognize their outstanding dedication, in alignment with Premier BPO’s purpose to becoming a seamless extension of our client’s business processes

The SOCAP IMPACT Customer Service Star Award is presented to individuals who demonstrate exceptional customer service skills, knowledge, and professionalism. Similarly, the SOCAP IMPACT Supreme Trainer Award is bestowed upon individuals who exemplify remarkable expertise and excellence in training and development within the customer service industry.

Watch the live video of Premier BPO receiving the award here:

The symposium brings together industry leaders with a strong sense of community and a common desire to improve and help each other grow.

The positive and collaborative atmosphere within the SOCAP community was evident, especially in light of the theme of celebrating SOCAP’s 50th Anniversary.

Takeaways/Sessions recommended by Premier BPO:

Unraveling 3 Key Mysteries of Contact Center KPIs

Overlooked Opportunities: Many contact center leaders had previously underestimated the significance of certain KPIs, potentially leading to missed opportunities for improvement.

Customer Satisfaction Impact: Participants discovered that these overlooked KPIs could directly influence customer satisfaction levels, emphasizing the importance of addressing them.

Adaptation to Change: Attendees gained insights into how the correct selection and analysis of KPIs could enable organizations to adapt more swiftly to changing circumstances, contributing to overall success.

 Writing Customer Responses – A Human + ChatGPT Approach

  • Hybrid Strategy: Utilize both human-expertise and AI tools like ChatGPT for composing customer emails, knowledge articles, and social media responses.
  • Complementary Strengths: Recognize that while some CSRs may struggle with writing, AI can lack empathy and occasionally provide inaccurate information. Combining their strengths is key to efficient and authentic customer communication.
  • Most of the sessions centered around generative AI, emphasizing how to utilize it in various fields.

AI Takes Center Stage

The symposium prominently revolved around the theme of artificial intelligence (AI), drawing substantial interest from attendees. Sessions dedicated to AI garnered impressive attendance, underscoring the industry’s keen fascination with this technology. Although many expressed curiosity, a considerable portion of participants has yet to embark on their AI journey a promising sign of growth opportunities and untapped potential in the near future.

Overall, the event highlighted a growing interest in AI within the customer service industry and the potential for Premier BPO to provide valuable insights and education on this topic to industry professionals.

Visit our event gallery to see the Award Gala highlights:

About Premier BPO:

Premier BPO seeks to be a seamless extension of its client’s business processes by immersing in the client’s values and objectives. The company offers co-sourcing, a hybrid approach to outsourcing, across multiple functions for several industries through its global sites. Premier BPO has invested in security and compliance processes including obtaining PCI certification and has been serving clients since 2003.

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