The Call & Contact Center Expo is an industry event catering to professionals in the customer care, contact center, and customer experience field. This year, it was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

This year’s expo offered educational sessions, keynote presentations, and networking opportunities on customer strategy, employee engagement, technology, and innovation. The event was an excellent opportunity for organizations to connect and strategize on optimizing Customer Experience (CX) for their client base. The exhibition covered various aspects of customer support, CX, UX, Channel Partnering, Cyber, Data & Smart Security, and Collaboration Technology.

C&CC Key Takeaways:

Delivering a breakout session on “Co-Sourcing vs. Outsourcing – How to Maximize Your Partner Relationship”, Premier BPO leadership also shared insider takeaways from the two-day exhibition. Providing a unique perspective on how the changing business landscape requires a partnership mentality, Premier BPO COO, Dave Shapiro highlighted how co-sourcing fits the narrative.

The Call & Contact Center Expo 2023 had over 100+ speakers from various companies and organizations. Some highlights from collective event sessions included:

  • The need for technology and automation in call centers is still prevalent.
  • Companies are looking to improve customer service and still finding it hard to reach the right talent to scale.
  • Businesses are open to outsourcing to enable Process Improvements, cost savings, and to be able to find the right skill set
  • Considering Chat GPT and utilization of software and AI to improve the call center experience E.g., reducing background noise

  • How to speed up handling times and utilize autonomous tech to create a seamless experience for staff and customers

  • Discovering new developments within immersive technologies

  • Using AI to put customer support on autopilot and get 8x faster results – Microsoft & Google

    • The latest and greatest in customer support AI
    • Case studies showcasing how key insights boost customer retention
    • Integrating AI to get 8x faster
  • Simplifying complexity to improve customer experience – AT&T

    • Using AI/ML to leverage patterns and simplify the customer experience
  • Optimizing CX With a Relevant Wage and Labor Strategy – TTEC

    • Retaining top talent through wage strategy for top performers
    • Understanding current market conditions can impact the CX industry
    • Proven strategies can quickly respond to market conditions
  • Beyond Bots – Doing so much more with AI in the Contact Center – RingCentral

    • AI in contact centers goes beyond bots
    • AI can help do more with less, improve customer experience, and agent productivity
    • insights on operations and customer sentiments
    • embedding AI in every part of the customer journey for transformative results
  • The Hard and Hidden Costs of Attrition in Contact Centers – Cinareo Solutions

    • Agent attrition is a significant unwanted expense in contact centers
    • Estimates often exclude hidden and indirect costs ($6,000 to $10,000 per agent)
    • Can undermine decision-making and planning
    • Six Myths about the Cost of Attrition
    • How to calculate hiring, training, nesting, and attrition expenses accurately

Attendees had the chance to attend masterclasses for first-hand knowledge of the latest customer service and support tools. 300+ exhibitors showcased innovative services and products that have revolutionized the customer experience journey.

Industry experts, thought leaders, and business owners alike, shared best practices for success in the contact center industry. The event also showcased the latest products and services from vendors to improve contact center operations. The expo highlighted the latest advancements in contact center technology, including AI, chatbots, speech analytics, omnichannel solutions, and cloud-based platforms. Overall, the event encompassed the utilization and improvement of automation tools, CX strategies, data analytics, compliance regulations, and industry-specific solutions.

About Premier BPO

Premier BPO seeks to be a seamless extension of its client’s business processes by immersing in the client’s values and objectives. The company offers co-sourcing, a hybrid approach to outsourcing, across multiple functions for several industries through its global sites. Premier BPO has invested in security and compliance processes including obtaining PCI certification and has been serving clients since 2003.

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