Premier BPO is honored to be named a Great Employer and High-Growth Champion at the Sprout Solutions Employer Excellence Awards 2023. This award recognizes our exceptional growth and commitment to employee well-being.

Premier BPO Recognized for Employer Excellence

Happy and engaged employees are the foundation of any successful business. That’s why we invest heavily in creating a positive work environment that fosters growth and development while ensuring a healthy work-life balance.

Ali Din, CEO of Premier BPO, stated, ”Winning the Sprout Award as a High Growth Champion embodies our aspirations of being a seamless global resource for our clients to turn to for enhancing business outcomes, so we need to be a place where high-quality professionals come to contribute and gain valuable career development.

Sprout Solutions, a leading HRIS solutions provider, recognizes exceptional companies as great employers through their Annual Awards. These awards commend outstanding employers who put employee well-being and growth at the forefront and comprehensively analyze their performance through Sprout Insight, an advanced data analytics tool.

How Sprout Awards Recognize Data-Driven Employer Excellence

Central to these awards is the meticulous selection process driven by Sprout Insight. The evaluation focuses on critical workforce dynamics, attrition rates, and payroll expenses to identify top-performing companies. The data-driven approach ensures transparency and authenticity in the recognition process, enhancing the credibility of the awards.

Winners are chosen based on the ability to streamline the workforce expansion, headcount management, and efficient scaling. At the same time, they are providing positive work-life balance, well-being initiatives, and engagement strategies.

High-Growth Award Acknowledges Thriving Employee-Centric Companies

With seven award categories, Sprout recognizes a diverse range of achievements within employee management. Among the coveted categories, the High-Growth Award is significant for the winners.

Recognition from such prestigious HR awards helps to attract top talent, facilitates strategic partnerships, and positions the company as a leader in its industry that values its commitment to its people.

Winning the High-Growth Champions Award highlights Premier BPO’s ability to balance rapid expansion with employee-centric practices, making it a desirable employer and industry leader.

At Premier BPO, we believe that growth and employee well-being go hand in hand,“ said Dave Shapiro, COO of Premier BPO. This award validates our approach and inspires us to prioritize our employees’ well-being while exceeding client expectations. We are confident that this commitment will continue to fuel our growth and success.

The Enduring Impact of Sprout Awards

The Sprout Awards serve as a beacon for employers to elevate their practices and create thriving workplaces. In an industry known for high labor turnover, discover how Premier BPO achieves employee attrition 58% below the BPO industry average. Contact us and learn how our steadfast focus on employee satisfaction directly contributes to improved service delivery, cost-efficiency, and overall client success.

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