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SSOW is the largest global outsourcing platform that brings together outsourcing industry professionals, executives, speakers, and business owners under one roof. This year’s theme is centered around “Transformation in the Wake of Disruption” focusing on four key areas; expansion, talent management, driving transformation by leveraging advanced technology, and continuous improvement. The event presents an opportunity for professionals to collaborate and share takeaways from the past year, as well as discuss upcoming trends and techniques for managing disruption.

Outsourcing Solutions Provider Showcasing at SSON 23 at Booth 108

Premier BPO Exhibit

Premier BPO will be showcasing at Booth 108 with our leadership in attendance. Our executives will also share success stories about how we have helped our clients grow and strategically expand despite economic instability, enabling high-touch service. Our management will also shed light on our capabilities, which include:

  • Accounts Receivable/Payable, Bookkeeping
  • Claims Processing, Medical Billing
  • Time Sheet/Payroll Processing
  • Order fulfillment, Invoice Creation
  • Personalized Customer Care
  • Service Desk/Help Desk
  • Data Management Services
  • Tech Support (T1,2,3 & NOC Support)
  • Sales Support/Lead Gen
  • Software Development & Testing
  • Certification and Compliance support
  • Omnichannel Contact Center Support (Call, Email, live chat, bots, SMS, etc.)


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About Premier BPO

Premier BPO seeks to be a seamless extension of its client’s business processes. This is done by immersing itself in the client’s values and objectives and by providing dedicated resources that serve as a blended workforce within the client’s organization. The company offers co-sourcing, a hybrid approach

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