In our previous blog, we discussed the positives of strategically partnering with a business process outsourcing firm. All of the above allows the businesses to focus on functions that are essential to the growth of the core business.  However, there are certain potential disadvantages to outsourcing.  Let’s take a look at 3 – and how they can be overcome.


Communications Challenges

Many cite communications as a hindrance to a successful outsourcing relationship – both electronically and verbally.  However, the reality is this is more a fear of the unknown.  There is no denying that losing the visibility of the outsourcing staff can be daunting. But in the same way that businesses who have embarked on remote working strategies, these concerns are unfounded and are more a fear of the unknown than a real issue in practice.

Perceived Loss of Control

Initially, there is a sense of loss of control over the process that an entity wishes to outsource. However, this is a misperception.  The right outsourcing partner will be working closely with you and your team to assess your current processes and then suggest and implement any necessary changes.  Companies that work with Premier BPO LLC can exert as much control over their teams and processes as they wish.

Concerns over Maintaining Brand Image

As the outsourcing unit must represent the companies it serves, being a mirror image of the company the outsourcing unit represents is difficult and can be an issue that requires special handling through training and documentation.  The right outsourcing partner, however, will have processes and strategies in place to assure you that your brand image will remain intact – and in fact, improve it.

Why Premier BPO LLC?

Premier BPO LLC has been serving North American businesses for over 15 years. Based out of Clarksville, TN, Premier BPO LLC is very attuned to the American way of doing business – professionally and culturally; and with particular attention to performance metrics, customer satisfaction, and customer retention, while doing it all by immersing itself in the image of its customer.  Our motto is that “Our customer’s customer is our customer” and this statement permeates every aspect of our culture.

Below are some examples of the sustainable competitive advantages that businesses have derived from working with Premier BPO LLC as a result of business expertise in the particular vertical they outsourced, the stable workforce that Premier deployed for the business and the reduced costs.

A Medical Business, which had no business infrastructure to conduct business, was able to significantly reduce start-up time and costs by outsourcing the installation of its technology infrastructure – desktops, secure connectivity, and is now working with us to implement their data processing for Medical Billing.

A Logistics Company was looking to outsource invoice data input, auditing, and disputing invoices for payment. Also, wanted to have Premier BPO LLC systems interface with theirs; and besides, they wanted to be immediately alerted for missing or discrepant invoice information.  Premier BPO LLC, through its application software development team, produced the tool that is capable of providing instantaneous discrepant invoice information back to the customer so that they could give Premier with the correct invoice information.

Telecommunications Companies, which have come to us for outsourcing. Most of these companies had their back office in the United States. They came to Premier BPO LLC for some of the reasons described above, but mostly for the level of expertise, we could provide them with the various outsourcing functions. In fact, there we manage are 72 different types of transaction for them, which include Customer Contact Center, Customer Account Maintenance, Special Projects, and many other activities that are vital to the Telecom business.

Performing Rights Organization , contacted Premier BPO LLC for help in identifying establishments that have unauthorized public performances of the organizations music, contact the owners/representatives of these establishments to educate them about their obligations under the Copyright Law of the United States, discuss the benefits of Our Client’s license and assist them through the process of obtaining a license.

You have worked hard to build a successful business.  Let us help you fine-tune your processes and bring your business to the next level.  Contact us today to see how.

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