Medical Equipment Company:

Our client is an innovative durable medical equipment (DME) company that provides best of class products to a wide range of customers, including physicians, hospitals, O&P shops, DME providers, senior care and physical rehabilitation facilities. All of their orthotics are reimbursed by Medicare and most private insurances.

ByteSuccess is a marketing company that is one of the sources providing raw leads for our client and also they are doing the Doctor chase for their patients and their back end success rateis very promising.

PremierBPO is a renowned name when it comes to Business Processing. Their services
include Back Office Processing, Medical Billing, Financial and IT Services. PremierBPO has extensive experience related to contact centers for large Corporations. They have qualified staff who are fully trained for Tele-Sales, Customer Services, Technical Support Services and Lead Generation programs. Based on the data provided by Pakmed and ByteSuccess, Premier Reps dial out and generate qualified leads after inspection ofpatient’s insurance plan and Physicians eligibility.

Phase 1: Initial Phase

When the program started, Premier had 5 FTE who were dialing from a recycled data file provided by ByteSuccess and from December 20th onwards daily fresh leads were delivered. Premier Reps were initiating the call, describing feature of the product to the prospect and then qualifying them based on simple questions set by Pakmed (Initially no eligibility tool wasprovided) and also offeringLidocaine Gel asa downsell.

Phase 2: Eligibility Tools:

During first and second quarter of 2017, Client provided us with 3 eligibility tools i.e. Zirmed, Emdeon and Pecos to maximize quality ofsales.

  • Zirmed is used to determine if a prospect has a valid Medicare part A&B or Medicare Advantage PPO/HMO plan in order to get the braces covered through their insurance company.
  • Emdeon is used to determine if a prospect has Medicare part D plan (i.e. Drug coverage) which is required for Lidocaine Pain Gel.
  • Pecos is used to lookup Physicians to determine if they are Medicare-enrolled and have a valid Taxonomy which is required to write prescription for orthotic products.

Phase 3: Doctor Conference:

During 3rd quarter, Premier agents started making 3-way calls to Doctors office to confirm Fax number and Set / Confirm patient’s upcoming appointment. This strategy has helped the back-end department i.e. Doc Chase to get stronger success rate.

Lead Count Comparison:

  • We received 9482 recycled leads and +-245 fresh leads per day for the month of Dec 2016.
  • Quarter 1 (i.e. January – March 2017), we received +-630 fresh leads per day to dial out.
  • Quarter 2 (i.e. April – June 2017), we received +-1000 fresh leads per day to dial out.
  • Quarter 3 (i.e. July – September 2017), we received +-1200 fresh leads per day to dial out.
  • We received +-1150 fresh leads per day for the month ofOctober 2017.

FTE Comparison:

  • For the month ofDecember 2016,Premier had 5 FTE logged into this program.
  • Quarter 1 (i.e. January – March 2017), On February 13, 2017, The FTE count was ramped up by 3 Reps.
  • Quarter 2 (i.e. April – June 2017), On June 12th, 2017, client increased the FTE requirement by 3 more agents attaining a totalof11 FTE for this program till date.

Sales Comparison:

  • Month ofDec 2016,we closed 206 Med ABand 30 Lido sales.
  • Quarter 1 (i.e. January – March 2017),
  • We closed 1142 Med ABand 36 Lido sales.
  • Quarter 2 (i.e. April – June 2017)
  • We closed 1235 Med AB, 456 PPO/HMO and 189 Lido sales.
  • Quarter 3 (i.e. July – September 2017)
  • We closed 1851 Med AB, 700 PPO/HMO and 1618 Lido sales.
  • Month ofOct 2017, weclosed 816 Med AB, 296 PPO/HMO and 835 Lido Sales.

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