SOCAP is back and it’s in person this year!

Hybrid and remote work are ingrained in today’s business dynamic transforming how companies respond to customer demands. CX technology and industry have been at the forefront of this metamorphosis in the pandemic. Where embracing trends can help stay ahead of the curve, making sure the human aspect is not altogether lost in favor of advancement is also important. The arising questions associated

with adapting new methodologies to build an effective CX strategy will be under discussion at the upcoming SOCAP Spring Symposium, in May 2022.

CX Rediscovery in The Year of Hybrid Work - SOCAP Symposium Spring 2022

Gathering industry pioneers and top experts under one platform in Phoenix, Arizona; the event is title

d “Discovering New Pathways – A Learning Symposium for CX Professionals”.

The in-person event gives access to expertise from various industry leaders and brands, community summits, and breakout sessions regarding their transformative CX journey in the past year. Thought leaders will also share subsequent findings to pave the way and adapt quickly to changing customer demands. Premier BPO will be present among sponsors and exhibitors at the Symposium sharing experiences, insights, and solutions.

Topics Featured in the Symposium:

  • The role of video messaging in solving specific problems associated with consumer products for end-users

  • Effectiveness of virtual onboarding in training remote staff and coaching at-home agents

  • Successfully recruiting and retaining employees for contact centers

  • Comparison of telehealth appointments vs. face-to-face for patient satisfaction

  • Omnichannel success measurement and data reporting

  • Cyber data security and personalization

  • CX as the best brand/marketing strategy

  • Voice of the Agent study

Premier BPO Expert Recommendations:

Although there is plenty to do, learn, and connect with at the event itself; we have curated a list of a select few must-attend sessions, as suggested by Premier BPO veteran leadership. If you are a business centered on Customer Experience or aim to reinvent your CX for better customer engagement, then these discussions will provide you with contextual insight into shifting market dynamics. Here is a breakdown of our recommendations for the essential ones, so you don’t miss out on a learning and collaboration opportunity.

Sessions by Keynote Speakers:

Dan Gingiss – How A Remarkable Customer Experience Can Be Your Best Sales and Marketing Strategy

What to Discover:

  • Competing on product instead of price

  • Types of CX experiences people share

  • 5-step framework to create memorable experiences

  • Leverage examples from leaders inexpensively

Miriam Liszewski (Google) and Jon Jessup (1440) – The Future of Consumer Engagement and Conversational Commerce

What to Discover:

  • Designing personalized conversational experiences for lasting loyalty

  • Increasing conversion, sales, and customer satisfaction

  • Understanding Conversational Commerce as a reality by example of brand strategies of trailblazing organizations

  • Resources and tools to start your own

Tech Expo Panel- Process Panel

What to Discover:

  • Latest tech advancements to help your contact center operate more efficiently

  • Insights from a leading panel of tech companies

  • How your agents can deliver outstanding customer experiences

Breakout Sessions:

Secrets to Hiring, Maintaining, and Organizing the Virtual CX Team

What to Discover:

  • Best practices for remote teams

  • Focusing on agent experience, supporting CS reps

  • Multiple paths and tools to success

How to Build Flexibility into your Contact Center

What to Discover:

  • Agent flexibility in brands and BPOs to retain talent

  • Real-life examples of implementing strategy

  • Building flexibility in internal teams

Overcoming the Great Resignation: Managing through the Crisis

What to Discover:

  • Rethink the employee experience in the Great Resignation

  • Keeping staff productive and motivated in hybrid work

  • Managing the struggle to hire and build a strong culture

Transform the Customer Experience by Leveraging Enterprise Knowledge and Content

What to Discover:

  • Power self-service channels through conversational structured and unstructured content

  • Create personalized contextual experiences for customers and employees

  • Organizational design integration with marketing, digital, customer support, and tech teams for efficiency

  • Scaling your CX by leveraging no-code conversational platforms

Premier BPO is a SOCAP business partner and our leadership will be sharing their takeaways from the upcoming SOCAP Spring Symposium event, so stay tuned to our website and social channels for more updates.

About SOCAP:

Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP) international brings together and represents the best-in-class and most recognized among the CX community and multiple industries worldwide. A thought leadership organization, they believe in exemplary Customer Care and Engagement; collaborating and utilizing it to drive successful business strategy. Their values aim at honing professional development, commitment to service, fellowship, and diverse usage of cutting-edge tools, to achieve the same.

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