Outsourcing became an integral part of business strategy during pandemic times to ensure Business Continuity. Many prefer outsourcing for its various benefits, while some are skeptical about offshore work models. Nevertheless, Outsourcing is a booming global industry that is increasingly becoming a top choice for all-size enterprises; large, mid-size, or boutique. The success of your outsourced operations also depends upon the quality of service that your partner bpo company provides, their experience, best practices, geographical reach, and range of services.

Premier BPO is a seasoned Outsourcing company that provides an amalgam of personalized services across multiple industries and locations. We combine technology and manpower to present the best possible solutions with optimum outcomes. We possess a cadre of professionals with over 17 years of market experience.

If you are not certain why to Outsource in 2021, here are a few outsourcing facts you should review:

  • The global Outsourcing market value reached 92.5 billion USD in 2019
  • 45% of IT companies outsource to effectively reduce costs of operations
  • The global Outsourced Customer Experience market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.51%; rising from 75.1 billion USD to 81.5 billion USD by 2023
  • 37% of Accounting and IT and 34% of digital marketing tasks of small business get outsourced
  • 78% of business have positive feedback about their outsourcing partners
  • Almost 93% of organizations have either already adopted cloud operations or are considering to presently.

No matter what size your business may be, outsourcing can effectively help reduce overall costs, increase efficiency, provide data back-up facility; all with round-the-clock services and constant monitoring. To know more about Premier BPO’s outsourcing capabilities, visit our services page

*source: Fortunly.com