Let this 4th of July serve as a reminder of what the American people represent: freedom, inclusion, and opportunity. Whether you join events physically or in spirit on the long weekend; celebrate in your own style this year.

Premier BPO sends U.S. Independence Day greetings to Everyone

Have a virtual parade, a themed barbeque, a stars and stripes party, go see fireworks, or revisit history by sharing treasured facts with the younger generation; there are innumerable ways to commemorate the day. This official start of summer gives us perspective to celebrate our commonalities rather than disparities, and come together as a nation.

So, enjoy the holiday with friends and family, for this is the perfect time to reconnect and savor some happy moments. While you prepare for the festivities, do commemorate the brave fallen soldiers who have dedicated their lives to give us a better tomorrow.

2021’s observances may not be the same as our previous celebrations. Although lockdowns have eased, and we can be out and about, it is imperative to stay safe and practice social distancing where possible.

Wishing you a healthier and happier Independence Day than the last, and a warm, prosperous summer

– Premier BPO team.