Local superhero hidden among the masses, Premier BPO’s Robert Woods performs a true Christmas miracle by organizing donations for Kentucky tornado victims, bringing joy amidst grave loss

Clarksville, TN – December 24th, 2021 – Robert Woods of Premier BPO, a renowned BPO company, gathered and donated personal belongings worth tens of thousands of dollars to tornado victims. His son, Jake; pulled off a 33-hour journey to ensure the affected people receive some comfort in this difficult time.

The tornadoes which ravaged Kentucky, Arkansas, Monette, and Tennessee (among other states) for nearly 240 miles last Friday and Saturday, caused widespread damage to structure and life with 76 reported dead. Just missing our Secret Santa (Robert Woods) son, Jake’s house by 2 miles; the happening inspired both father and son to help the community whichever way they could and fast.

Premier BPO’s Hero
Running an eBay business since 2003, Mr. Woods possessed 57 containers of new clothing, all of which he decided to donate to the less fortunate in the aftermath of this natural disaster. Sharing in his kind deed, he also posted on social media groups for any willing participants to contribute non-perishable food, clothes, water, blankets, and toys; and the response was overwhelming. The word spread out so much, that it even attracted the attention of the local media. In a borrowed 26-foot trailer, Jake (aka Santa Bear, as termed by Robert) and his father gathered over 4 days, personal items and donations received from people along the way.

Regarding the whole experience, Robert Woods commented:

“I can’t tell you how much this has done for us to be able to give back to all those in need. I couldn’t be more PROUD of that man to pull this off – driving 1714 miles (33HRS) pulling a 26’ trailer to get this done.”

Jake (Santa Bear) started his long journey from Kuttawa, Ky, around 4 am on Friday and made it to Robert’s residence in Largo Florida around 8 pm. They went to dinner to plan and coordinate gathering all the goods and how they were going to load the trailer effectively for the 857-mile drive home safely. They started at 8am meeting with a generous man (Alex) who donated a pallet of water and loading began. While traveling to collect contributions from various locations and good people, they both worked tirelessly loading the trailer until early Saturday Afternoon. The exhausted father-son duo went to the gulf to unwind, relax, and reflect. After a couple of hours at the gulf they had dinner and picked up more donations on the way back. Once home after their 12-hour day they thanked God for his grace and for making this possible and then called it a night.

Both joyful of the human strength they had mustered to put things together for all those people in Princeton and Dawson Springs Kentucky; but Santa Bear was not done yet. Hitting the road again after a few hours of sleep, Jake rolled out around 2:30 to complete his 857-mile journey to put the smiles on the faces that needed them most.

Expressing his happiness about the collective achievement, the Premier BPO COO, David Shapiro expressed:

“We are extremely proud of Robert, his son, and their endeavor to aid those affected by this disaster. He is ever spirited in his efforts to help others, as is evident at work and in his personal life. His enthusiasm is always contagious and he is an inspiration and a source of learning. He is a reflection of our corporate culture and we are proud of him as a representative of Premier BPO”.

For the people who have lost everything, these two people are what we can call real-life superheroes. We can only hope that more kindhearted godsend people like Robert Woods feel compelled to help others during these distraught times, and we at Premier BPO are proud of our Secret Santa and all his helpers that brought the true spirit of charity back this Christmas time.

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