Premier BPO introduces AI-powered virtual monitoring solution into the workspace for constant security and adherence to regulations for WFH teams.

Clarksville, TN – June 3rd, 2021: Premier BPO LLC, a customized BPO solutions provider stated that they can now guarantee security on behalf of clients when using home agents by utilizing facial recognition. This unique feature ensures that the company-designated person is present at the work desk providing physical authentication as part of their core offshore infrastructure security. Acting as a constant digital supervisor, Premier BPO’s newly value-added solution will provide a third layer of security in addition to the previous two; dinCloud (Premier BPO’s secure desktop solution) and Teramind. This software will also highlight any irregularities or breaches in mandated security measures to be addressed in real-time.

The AI powered solution is named V.I.E.W. (Visual Identification of Employee Workspace) and presents a revolutionary idea to monitor an internal workforce through AI automated systems. This solution will help to corroborate the presence of the appointed agent on the desk during active hours. Devised and expanded from internal Management Information Systems within Premier BPO, the software offers threefold security with distinct features. Premier BPO supports Network security with dinCloud, Data Security with Teramind, and now Agent security with V.I.E.W.; completing three impenetrable layers on all Premier BPO systems and tools.

Deeming V.I.E.W a differentiator to Premier BPO’s services, their COO, David Shapiro commented:

Premier BPO believes this feature is unique to the marketplace; helping to provide PCI level security for agents working from home by ensuring the right person is at the desktop. This is a revolutionary technology for the BPO Work from Home space and we are looking forward to bringing more technology in the future

For workplaces operating upon flexible models post-Covid-19 outbreaks, data security is the main concern when agents are unmonitored, compared to physical office environments. With Premier BPO’s V.I.E.W., service representatives handling sensitive client information will be observed virtually at all times. A remote manager in charge of the agents will receive instant alerts from the AI technology at the back end if any illegal or suspicious activity takes place. The features of V.I.E.W. include:

  • Active Webcam monitoring with facial recognition
  • User Identification and multiple person detection
  • Comparing Images to Internal database for verification
  • Human expression analysis and object detection
  • Automatic alerts for anomalies
  • Immediate escalation for risk mitigation

Considering the heavy penalties for any misuse of data due to legalities; it is a crucial need for all systems, personnel, and tools used within a company’s workspace to be under PCI regulations. When asked about the features of the software; Premier BPO’s Director of Compliance, Talha Kamran, commented:

One of the challenges of WFH is that supervisors lack the ability to see what their teams are doing in real-time. Every internal supervisor at Premier BPO sends progress reports after set intervals, ensuring workflow. We thought to create a centralized system, giving real-time visibility to the project manager on workday tasks. That way the project manager gets an overview of the team’s efforts, checks whether regulations and protocols are followed or not, and makes sure that all mandated safety measures are observed.

Upon further correspondence, Mr. Kamran responded as follows:
Why did the need for such AI monitoring arise ?

Since WFH became the norm, data security issues have been on the rise. We support both on-premise and off-premise infrastructure with safety maintenance; but some of our workforce will continue remotely. How can we make sure the person sitting at the computer is the same person designated for the job or our employee? To avoid data confidentiality being breached in any way, we decided to leverage AI and automation to revamp our management; and V.I.E.W. was born.

How does V.I.E.W. ensure security maintenance within Premier BPOs operations ?

First, V.I.E.W. confirms a person is sitting at the system during active working hours by automatically taking  snapshots through the installed webcam when anyone from Premier BPO personnel logs in. Second, it assures that the authorized person is at the system by matching the photograph against our internal MIS records using AI algorithms. Third, it ensures that there is only the authorized person sitting at the computer. If there are more than one faces detected, then a red flag is raised; the similar happens when someone else is at the system or no one is present during shift hours. These flags are then automatically sent to a campaign manager and the compliance manager in the form of email alerts. This process repeats after every ten minutes to maintain maximum security.

How has this technology enhanced processes for Premier BPO ?

By adding this automated AI solution, campaign managers and supervisors can now confirm what they could confirm through their eyes when at the office. They can go online and view the entire timeline in the form of an interface that highlights the red flags to expedite to Quality Assurance. It allows them to keep track of activities, overseeing transactions as they happen, assuring best practices are followed. As everything is done by the AI at the back-end, it saves time and increases productivity while providing check and balance.

How do you tackle internal privacy concerns ?

As soon as anyone logs into the system, they will be notified at the beginning of their shift that the camera will randomly monitor them. It will also alert them that monitoring will stop once they will log out of the system. This process helps us verify that employees are present at the workspace during designated hours. At the office, CCTV cameras detect and record all activity on the agent’s office-allotted devices; this is no different. It is only required that your working space be visible at all times to ensure data safety, so no one else is anywhere near the vicinity of the system, for example, any family member. Part of the security protocol is to work from home with your back against the wall so that no one else can be standing behind you, as there could be potentially sensitive data open on your system like credit card information.

What does V.I.E.W. bring to the table ?

“Peace of mind” in terms of security. This software will make the workspace a “truly virtual desk”, bringing transparency into remote work. Overall, V.I.E.W. provides an overview to supervisors and campaign managers of their team members during the shift.

Premier BPO’s V.I.E.W. allows only authorized personnel to access required client data, making sure there is no outsider at the computer during office hours. Additionally, the software aids the team manager overlooking the operation, to keep a watchful eye and ensure all regulations are followed to the letter.

Premier BPO’s productivity has increased with WFH teams over the past year, and their offshore teams perform with less than 2% attrition. With all safety protocols in place, Premier BPO presently supports operations for certain clients belonging to industries utilizing critical data, such as Forex Trading and security for E-Commerce. Aiming to bring into play more technology solutions in the future, Premier BPO now not only offers data redundancy but can now proactively handle any issues before they even arise, through their third layer of security V.I.E.W.
About Premier BPO:
Premier BPO focuses on amalgamating technology and global labor arbitrage to deliver the highest quality of workforce and cost-effective solutions to its clientele. Offering niche Back-office, Voice, and Non-voice services, our philosophical values emphasize a customer-centric approach and aim for life-long relations with our clients. Providing customized solutions, Premier BPO streamlines your business operations to your requirements while ensuring optimum efficiency and visible results. Promising Data Redundancy through dinCloud powered DaaS, and security through numerous certifications; Premier BPO’s operations are PCI DSS, SOC Type II, GDPR, HIPAA, and NIST compliant.