Commemorating the first week of October for National Customer Service Week, Premier BPO management is honoring its Customer Service Representatives by hosting interactive games, food fests, and trivia this week. This global event observed in the first full week of October defines the fundamental importance of Customer Service, the main differentiator for all businesses today. Even more essential is acknowledging the tireless efforts CSR’s put forward to ensure a company’s clients receive the best service possible.

Everyone is in Cahoots

From food to personalized mugs sent to addresses and cash prizes for online trivia winners; Premier BPO is in full gear to make their employees feel welcome. About how the pandemic affected teams socializing internally; Kelli Sarfati, the Assistant Director of Operations Philippines, expressed:

When the pandemic started, people lost touch with each other. There weren’t many opportunities for socializing or having fun, which happens more when we are on-site, and we missed that a lot. This was a chance to pull the teams back together and hang around with friends to enjoy. We even do inter-campaign activities and the feedback we have received is amazing. It’s heart-warming to see people laugh and entertain themselves after such a long time of worry and struggle. This is kind of thing we want to bring back and Customer Service week gave us the opportunity we needed

Regarding the festivities previously planned for employees and what they had in mind post-pandemic, Sheryll Lin, the Training and Quality Manager at Premier BPO said:

Before the pandemic, we had a confectionary day at the beginning of the CS week for our teams, and at the end, we hosted a buffet where managers served food to our agents as a thank you for their hard work and dedication. Along with these, we also gave recognition to the top performers from each client campaign. This year, as we also had WFH agents, we planned a fun online activity where everyone could participate based on trivia questions about the company and even win cash prizes at the end. We also have planned a food distribution party among our teams on October 8th, so a lot is happening this week

Below are some of the comments of the excited participants of the online game Kahoot from among client and internal Premier BPO teams alike:

Premier BPO celebrates Customer Service Week in Full Swing

Premier BPO celebrates Customer Service Week in Full Swing

The CS Week festivities are still ongoing and there’s another competition in store for the best photos posted during the game; stay tuned on our social pages to find out who won!