Permanent Remote Workers to Double in 2021 for Improved Productivity – ETR survey

Clarksville, TN – January 19, 2021: Premier BPO LLC, a customized solutions provider stated that Work From Home may become a partially permanent feature of the working world, depending upon vaccine availability and geographical distribution. Keeping in mind safety protocols, many companies are still on the fence about a definitive decision on their future policies and investments.

According to reports published on Geekwire and ETR, the number of remote workers is projected to double this year.

Necessitating revolutionary change in the work-life environment, the pandemic’s long-term effects are far-reaching. WFH offers reprieves like flexible work hours, mobility, savings on the commute, and personal time for family; so on-premise working may not be a choice for all anymore.

According to a recent Pew research center survey, 54% of respondents would like to continue WFH, while 64% are unwilling to return to the office out of fear of contracting the Coronavirus.

Teleworking is becoming a global acceptance, even though many organizations feel that cybersecurity issues and social interaction barriers are negative to a collaborative team. Some occupations require physical presence, others like the IT sector may continue unhindered. Even in the foreseeable future, enterprises will have to consider a hybrid workplace model with safety measures to placate the returning masses.

A Mckinsey research suggests 80% of people enjoy remote working, with 41% saying that they are more productive now than in the office.

Business Continuity models became essential with the global impact of lockdowns. A report says that the revenue market for cloud collaboration tools is set to double by 2024 compared to that in 2020. As long as sensitive information is safeguarded through private networks, hosted desktops, and secure remote tools, the new work norm may continue as is. Most companies are not expecting to call employees back till after the first quarter of 2021.

One out of every four Americans will be working remotely in 2021, as predicted by a recent Upwork report.

Disaster Recovery plans enabled easy transition for the traditional mom-and-pop set-ups which were flexible and prepared. Some well-known global organizations struggled greatly to transition digitally from on-premise offices, lacking the necessary cloud Infrastructure and data redundancy measures. Premier BPO in hindsight, already prepped to adapt to any technological demands of the time. Enabled by our sister company dinCloud, we possessed cloud workspaces for our organization, if and when needed. We were empowered by dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops and Managed Service Providers which offer Disaster Recovery and Data Redundancy measures for Business Continuity amid any crisis. MSPs offer customizable, certified, and cost-effective solutions for RMM and threat protection with a versatile workforce.

Here’s what Premier BPO’s COO, David Shapiro had to say about the transition:

“We had never envisioned the Pandemic would make Work From Home the new normal, but we had anticipated the importance of Work From Home ahead of many in the market place. When the industry was heading towards cloud spaces, Premier BPO was already ahead of the curve compared to many competitors. Foreseeing the need for Data recovery at any point or time in the future, we took preemptive measures to ensure uninterrupted operations by acquiring dinCloud, a DAAS and cloud service provider. An example of how this benefited us is the recent devastating typhoon Goni in the Philippines; where our team, other than a few individuals, never lost connection and managed to stay online without any significant impact on productivity. We, like other organizations utilizing WFH, have also experienced lowered absenteeism rates, since our teams have been working remotely.”

Even pre-lockdown, Premier BPO was able to comfortably transition 85% of its operational infrastructure to remote workspaces. Our teams are functionally capable of delivering exceptional Back-office Support with absolutely no down-time. We offer CRM, IT Help Desk, Contact Center, Billing, Accounts, Analytical Reporting, Network Management and Migration, Software Testing, etc. to expedite your processing cycles by applying our domain expertise to provide technical support across all platforms.

In conclusion, the pandemic galvanized the need for global outsourcing of services and operations, not only for brick-and-mortar set-ups, but also for remote enterprises. Business Continuity measures are now an integral part of every company’s corporate arsenal, which Premier BPO ingeniously possessed the capability of, long before the onset of the pandemic.