94% employers cited difficulty in recruiting in 2021 in a recent survey conducted by Fisher Phillips. The study also suggests that there may be a ‘she-cession’ to look at in the future with the women workforce reducing by the day due to family-care responsibilities.

Solutions include a change in work culture, better practices, and more women empowerment. Some emphasized pointers of the study include:

Workforce Shortage Crisis Survey

  • The labor crisis is far-reaching with the following industries facing the most difficulty in recruiting:
    Hospitality 98%
    Manufacturing 93%
    Healthcare 92%
    Retail 91%
    Finance & Insurance 91%
    Automotive 87%
    Construction 84%
  • More women have left employment in comparison to men in the following industries:
    53% Healthcare
    36% Hospitality
    36% Finance & Insurance
    34% Retail
  • Unemployment Benefits and Pay was voiced as the main concern for the labor crisis by employers, as they believed employees left for the following reasons:
    60% departing for higher pay jobs
    58% unemployment benefits earn more than actual working
    36% burnout
    35% family care
    30% increased remote wor
  • Employers are going above and beyond to retain employees:

    75% boosted pay
    38% expanding to creative hiring practices
    36% offering additional perks
    35% increased workplace flexibility
    30% increased remote work

We will expand upon these each individually next week, so stay tuned to our Premier BPO Trends page.