Korn Ferry’s New Era of humanity: future of the workforce Trends report highlights what is the prime focus for all growing organizations today.

Vitality and Employee Well-Being Are Most Significant

Trend 3 of 7:

Vitality – Employee well-being takes center stage.

It has become a make or break issue in employee retention today, since:

  • 89% employees feel burned out already

  • 81% feel it more now than at the start of the pandemic.

Organizations can no longer just afford lip service for employee health and wellness programs. They have to act more human to prevent burnout and negative impacts on performance levels due to stress.

Leading organizations are embracing structural and behavioral well-being, with conscious management, trying to create a sustainable impact. Ignoring applying this may lead to serious implications such as total workforce burnout.

What your company can do:

  • Give employees a career graph and purpose

  • Make time for socializing remotely

  • Offer creative financial plans to motivate employees

  • Invest in the mental/physical health of employees in the office by adding a professional to the team

  • Create a sense of community through volunteer programs and services

  • Invest in emotional intelligence within the organization itself for more empathy toward employees

These steps can create positive implications for employee engagement, absenteeism levels, productivity, and overall employee satisfaction levels. But it takes time, energy, resources, and a great cultural shift to implement all these things.

What if you can’t culturally make the move or afford to implement so many things? What if your roles don’t have the growth bandwidth an employee demands?

Your staff will still face burnout even with your best efforts. You can choose to co-source while you’re in the middle of a cultural shift.

Reduce the burden on your in-house teams while managing overhead costs. Get an estimate for co-sourced resource at our interactive ROI calculator, here.