Average cost per hire is an important metric to consider, especially when bringing on an entire team of operations in a labor shortage.

Investment in a new hire increases with training and onboarding, but when done effectively, results in 89% of employees feeling more culturally integrated into the company. 59% with a bad onboarding experience, feel less inclined towards company culture and are less dedicated.

Onboarding Impact on Employee Cultural Integration

Do you need immediate professional services for skilled employees without the additional expense?

Premier BPO provides dedicated resources for your roles while reducing internal costs and enhancing quality. Our Learning and Development managers train new hires like onboarding buddies to ensure they are equipped with all they need for our clients. We train for:

  • Soft skills

  • Your Content Goes Here
  • Contact center etiquette

  • Product knowledge

  • Employee shadowing programs

  • KMS and tools