Trend 2 of 7 in Korn Ferry’s latest “Future of Work Trends: A New Era of Humanity” is Reinvention.

If 2020 and 2021 were the years of forced reinvention, companies have to strategically plan for it now.


The 6 ways in which organizations can reinvent business models and move from reactive change to proactive change are:

  • Platform/ marketplace businesses’ rapid spread: resulting in new talent requirements – 64% companies have a good understanding of workforce needs today

  • Fluid workforce: Leadership needs to shift from “executive” to “enterprise” mindset to support agile, remote-only teams with flexible management – 69% leading companies value agility and learning curiosity most when hiring

  • Personalizing production: using smaller, multidisciplinary teams with high expertise. Organizations will have to innovate talent acquisition methods to fill the gap

  • Augmenting Humans and Machines: Enhancing employee capabilities and performance through digital native experts and digital change leaders. Both aspects will be part of the perfect leadership skill set to unlock human potential.

  • Re-imagining remote work: To create customized models for efficiency, remote talent will be hired based on different personas defined by tasks and competencies. Connecting with employees across different channels is important for leaders to maintain the flow of work.

  • Industry Mashups: Creative responses to demands will lead to industry mashups, which will augment services as a norm. Some of these include:

  • Tech + Retail = Virtual shopping with physical delivery. E.g. talent retention for metaverse employees

  • Retail + Hospitality = Attracting customers back to physical locations by combining workspaces and exercise studios in hospitality

  • Automotive + Tech = Autonomous driving cars with high-end coding

  • Big Pharma + Small Pharma = collaboration between arch-rivals in life sciences for new technologies and therapies

  • Media + Tech = Al used for personalized preferences e.g. Netflix, same to be applied to the workplace.

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