Korn Ferry’s Work Trends report Trend 6 of 7 states that togetherness must rule the work environment now.

2022 will see the shift from “me” to “we” mindsets, bringing forward the voices of the people unheard before.  

Organizations need to focus on unlocking the wisdom of teams rather than focused individuals, all driven towards a common purpose.  

  • Inclusive teams make better decisions 87% of the time 
  • 77% companies have developed DE&I policies

Leaders will have to overcome bias and build a culture based on behavioral interventions.

4 ways to be more inclusive in 2022

  • Develop inclusive leadership to create empowered, safe workplaces
  • Holding leaders and management accountable for DE&I integration
  • Removing systemic biases by redesigning the organizational fabric
  • Make DE&I part of innovation such as R&D, Marketing, and Customer Services

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