Hiring employees in the current labor shortage is more cumbersome than ever, especially in light of the average cost per hire in 2022 and productivity statistics:


  • average recruiting impact for a single employee is $4,425 (average role) and $14,936 (executive positions) – SHRM

  • a company breaks even on employee investment in 6 months

  • It may take around 94 days to fill a single skilled position

  • Companies spend up to 46.7 hours on employee training, spending an additional $986 per person

Hiring Employees in The Current Labor Shortage

Benefits and compensation packages are on a 16-year high mark increasing overall recruiting expenses with applicants still limitedly selected from the same talent pool. Other factors to consider are:

  • Employee referral bonuses

  • Recruiter salaries

  • Aptitude test costs

  • Training

  • Sign-on bonuses

  • Background checks

  • Advertising on job boards etc.