Proper induction of newly hired employees can greatly impact their commitment to an organization, according to a Bamboo HR article.

Paying attention to the employee experience during the onboarding process can help them form bonds, feel connected at work, and integrate into the company culture.

Employees that receive effective onboarding support are 18 times more likely committed to the company as compared to those who didn’t.

Good Onboarding Impact – 18x More Committed Employees

At Premier BPO, when we onboard for our clients, new recruits are paired with onboarding buddies to provide support and smooth transition in the work environment. Our Learning and Development experts train new employees to:

  • Train for soft skills

  • Teach call center etiquette

  • Provide technical onboarding

  • Implement a shadowing program

  • Provide knowledge management tools

Calculating employee onboarding costs can help employers make effective hiring decisions, especially when the right talent is lacking in the Great Resignation.

If you are worried about your rising cost per hire; visit Premier BPO’s ROI calculator to estimate savings for an outsourced resource promising the same quality as an in-house employee.