According to Korn Ferry’s future of work trends report, Trend 5 of 7, employees today are questioning why it matters where or how they do the work as long as they do it?

Since 2022 is becoming the year of the employee, it is important to give them what they want if you want to keep them.

Employee Experience matters - Korn Ferry Work Trends for 2022

36% professionals are taking new jobs in light of re-evaluation of life post-pandemic.

To sustain, organizations need to make their employee journey:

  • Process-driven, efficient, based on rewards

    Premier BPO insight: Today work from anywhere is a possibility and a necessity to beat the competition. Organizations can get help from BPO providers in this regard by determining certain repetitive tasks to be outsourced, getting processes scalable and structured.

  • Employee-centered and based on long-term relations

    Premier BPO insight: As a company you can put your focus on retention, training, learning and development to nurture careers. An external partner can help your employees by streamlining operations and eliminating management of repetitive processes that can be outsourced instead.

  • Solvable according to needs and problems based on policy

According to Korn Ferry, organizations need to personalize employee experiences by giving them the choice of responsibility.
In 2022, Korn Ferry predicts companies will:

  • Use user-led designs to shape people

  • Develop internal offerings that mirror the external market

  • Bring self-nomination in every step.

  • Learn from persona-led analytics

  • Extend employee experience to contingent workers.

The 4 steps to individualize employee experience are:

  1. Build personas through knowledge and value
  2. Simplify policy and processes for flexibility and motivation
  3. Develop your manager’s capabilities
  4. Personalize at every employee touchpoint in the talent lifecycle

If you need a work from anywhere solution, Premier BPO can help you put employee retention into perspective by helping with additional staffing for workday tasks and skilled roles.

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