According to a recent CNBC news article citing a Microsoft research; 50% of leaders want employees back in the office full time.

A study of over 30,000 participants, also showed employee responses in contrast; 52% want a full-time remote job or a hybrid one.

Employee Demands vs. Employer Expectations

Elsie Freedman, workforce expert at Kornferry commented that this strategy is bound to fail if companies can’t identify when and why employees are needed in the office, and encourages the use of more digital collaboration tools.

Managers are at a crossroads; trying to put leadership in contact with employees, all the while lacking the resources to make possible employee demands. Therefore, it is becoming more difficult to meet these expectations and recruit in a tight labor market.

The better way is to outsource and free your managers from the hassle of recruiting or dealing with employee benefits and wages on an hourly basis.

Outsourcing partners cover all of that and take the burden of providing training to your dedicated team which is available in any time zone, curated for specific roles from global locations.

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