An analysis by Deloitte on the biggest Tech industry trends surfacing in 2022 states that even with macro growth in the past two years, sustainability is in question.

Deloitte Tech Industry Trends 2022

Organizations embraced everything as a service, cloud models, flexibility, transparency, and AI to optimize remote work in 2021. Now in 2022, to lay a solid foundation for growth, organizations must:

  • Take XaaS to the next level through multi-cloud collaborative approaches.

Embarking on the promise of as-a-service means freedom and scalability. In today’s world of working from anywhere, the capability of having your systems accessible via the cloud is a game changer for your business.

  • Create better-visible, more resilient, supply chains of the future

Pandemic induced supply chain disruptions have led tech companies to re-evaluate security, risks, and deliverability. Enterprise Resource Planning will be at the forefront, using analytics to track underlying transactions and ensure regulatory compliance

  • Create a new hybrid workforce with culture, collaborative experimentation, and better approaches to tax implications

You can now tap into skills and resources from around the globe to expand your hybrid workforce. Take advantage of achieving the most meaningful business outcomes by working with business process outsourcers, who are specialists in specific functions.

  • Lead to create a sustainable future by focusing on reducing environmental impact.

Wondering how to manage the next wave of the hybrid workforce?

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