The fourth conclusive find on the recent Fisher Phillips workforce shortage survey states that 60% employers responded they lost their employees to more attractive jobs, hence 75% have recently increased pay to cover their losses and retain the workforce.

Other wide range of measures applied to keep employees engaged include:

75% Employers Increasing Pay to Keep Workforce

  • Applying different hiring practices (expanding pool, reducing experience requirements, adding referral bonuses, new sources, etc.) – 38%

  • offering additional benefits – 36%

  • Increasing workplace flexibility (reduced hours, more dress code comfort, etc.) – 35%

  • Enhanced remote work options – 30%

  • Augmenting HR to expedite recruiting and hiring – 29%

  • Offering mental health support and/or EAP – 24%

  • Increasing workplace safety measures – 23%

  • Auditing employee satisfaction – 21%

The study also found that while 35% considered family care responsibilities a cause for the labor shortage, only 4% have tried to create better opportunities to mitigate that. Even with 21% workforce retired, only 3% of employers have tried to reach them for reemployment.

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