Onboarding effectiveness defines whether your employee will be engaged or disengaged at work, depending on the impression created on them.

Poorly managed onboarding can lead to premature exits, especially for millennials. According to an SHRM article:

69% Employees Who Experienced Good Onboarding Stayed Longer

  • 69% employees stay longer with good onboarding

  • A structured onboarding program will make 58% employees stay up to 3 years in a company

  • Standardization in onboarding processes will allow new hires in an organization to be 50% more productive

Culture and connection play a critical role in painting the image of the company in the employee’s mind. This is why there must be support across all facets when a new hire is taken onboard.

Premier BPO’s extensive onboarding process exists of several steps after hiring and features:

  • Primary evaluation, screening, background checks, etc.

  • Secondary evaluation by a program/operations manager

  • An associate training program for expectations

  • A shadowing program for implementation

  • A product, systems, knowledge, tools, and skills training; as per roles

  • Customer service training for proper etiquette

  • Education on Process Improvement, Efficiency, Quality Assurance, and Service benchmarks

  • Education about corrective action policies and subsequent counseling

Learn how our effective onboarding techniques keep our attrition way below industry norms; read more.