McKinsey’s recent B2B pulse global edition article based on a customer survey highlights what customers want moving forward in 2022, and how companies need to respond to grow in the future.

Omnichannel service is the prime focus across various mediums for consumers today. B2B customers are aware of elements critical to their brand loyalty. To ensure no disruption in service, respondents highlighted these top five elements as must-haves for b2b businesses today:

5 Customer Loyalty Trends – according to McKinsey B2B Pulse

  • Performance guarantee (full -refund) – 78%

  • Product availability online – 74%

  • Omnichannel purchasing ability – 72%

  • Real-time, always-on Customer Service – 72%

  • Consistent experience – 72%

Other factors with high percentages included outcomes-based pricing, customer reviews, prices available online, and the ability to order through mobile phone.

Any good B2B omnichannel solution requires personalization according to the needs of the client’s customers.

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