Voluntary quits are still high up in numbers even after a year into the Great Resignation. BLS recorded 4.4 million quits this February 2022.

The major cause for this employee quitting pattern, studies find, is burnout. Employees were already experiencing it before, only to be accelerated in the pandemic.

What Is the Major Reason Your Employees Quit?

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2 Out Of 3 Employees Claim Burnout Worsened During the Pandemic

Some of the causes of burnout were cited as people becoming overworked trying to manage home and the office during and post-lockdowns, overwhelming childcare duties, added responsibility in the office due to worker shortage, etc.

48% Americans are looking to switch careers due to discontent – Gallup survey

Nowadays employee priorities have shifted towards mental well-being, family, greater pay, health coverage, benefits, etc.

Moving things to address employee burnout isn’t easy. It’s not just about cost. It takes time and a cultural shift. Working with a co-source partner like Premier is a way to get quality results quickly.

If your existing resources are under pressure due to burnout and their workload is doubled due to the labor shortage, consider Co-sourcing to lighten the load on in-house resources.

We offer dedicated professionals as part of our co-sourcing solution without incurring the high costs of hiring a whole team in-house. Recurring recruiting costs (advertising, training, etc.,) are all taken care of by us.

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