Many women who have left the workforce since March 2020 have not returned; the cause being family care responsibilities according to a recent Fisher Phillips flash survey.

28% of employers found that more women left work as compared to men in 2021, with the highest impacted industry groups being:

  • 53% of Healthcare

  • 36% of Hospitality

  • 36% of Finance & Insurance

  • 34% of Retail

  • 31% of Education

  • 29% of Professional Services employers.

2.5 million Women Left the U.S. Workforce

To address family-care concerns and minimize this she-cession, employers need to Empower, Invest, and Communicate with the Female workforce. This implies to:

  • Create women support systems in an organization among female leaders and employees to sponsor advocacy programs

  • Invest in gender equity and training to remove pay-scale disparities, track progress, and promote employees based on fair grounds

  • Communication must be transparent post-Covid-19 and include the voices of women to improve organizational culture. Highlighting the successes of women is critical while involving them in decisions that impact employees overall.

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