Are your employees jumping ship and costing you a fortune in the process? The Great Resignation is contagious; here are 10 things you should be looking out for to retain your workforce:

10 Reasons Why Your Employees Are Quitting

  • Burnout undermines retention at all organizational levels; tackle it with better culture and management

  • Recognition reduces turnover; make sure your workforce does not feel underpraised or undervalued

  • Remote Flexibility; Your workers might consider leaving if you don’t provide flexible and remote-hybrid working in today’s scenario.

  • Mental Health Support; support better employee health and stress management at the workplace

  • Culture; transparency, open communication, and strong leadership will retain employees longer than increased salaries

  • Management; Frequently boost morale and engagement for better productivity instead of micromanagement.

  • Employee engagement; disengagement leads to higher turnover.

  • Negativity towards work; unhappy employees are contagious so keep their morale up.

  • Career growth; provide better opportunities for employees to excel within the company

  • Pay; Feeling underpaid with too much responsibility will make employees feel unappreciated, and cause them to quit or switch jobs.

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