Microsoft’s 2022 work trend Index report highlights why there is no going back from remote and hybrid work.

A study conducted on 31,000 people across 31 countries, paired with linked-in trends and MS 365 insights, revealed that work experience in the past 2 years is changed forevermore.

Microsoft 2022 Work Trend 1/5

1 Of 5 Urgent Trends from Microsoft’s Annual Work Index Report

Employees are still evaluating whether their work is ‘worth it’; priorities have shifted with more focus on well-being, hence the Great Reshuffle will continue. Key findings include:

  • 70% of Gen Z/ Millennials are considering additional projects or income other than their day job

  • Half the workforce either intends to change employers this year or is prioritizing health over work

  • 57% of remote employees are considering shifting to hybrid

  • 51% of hybrid employees are considering shifting to remote

  • 38% of respondents are considering moving, as they can work remotely

The top 5 reasons people quit in 2021 according to the study were:

  • personal wellbeing – 24%

  • work-life balance 24%

  • risk of getting COVID-19 – 21%

  • confidence lost in senior management – 21%

  • No work flexibility – 21%

Also identified were the Top 5 aspects employees deem most important for employers to provide:

  • Positive culture – 46%

  • Mental health benefits – 42%

  • A sense of purpose – 40%

  • Flexibility in work hours – 38%

  • More than 2 weeks paid vacation – 36%

Conclusion: To drive long-term growth, employers must understand employee demands and turn them to their advantage by building a more inclusive culture.

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