At Premier BPO LLC we often come across zealous medium-to-large scale businesses interested in outsourcing. Not all such clients are equipped with…

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At Premier BPO LLC we often come across zealous medium-to-large scale businesses interested in outsourcing. Not all such clients are equipped with sophisticated ERP systems that can integrate with their outsourcing company for transfer, or updates, of their transaction information. Furthermore, to ensure confidentiality and security of the processed transactions, Premier BPO LLC’s data storage policy mandates that none of the client’s transaction information is stored at any of its facilities. The net result of this policy is that Premier BPO LLCencourages its clients to utilize their infrastructure in such a manner that all transactions and customer information stays with them.

One such story is about a global  major specialty banking organization that is using a well-known CRM. It noticed a continuous increase in consumer demand for  banking organizations, resulting in an increase in New Account Opening applications. To keep up with the surging volume of applications, the company decided to outsource a portion of its New Account Opening process to Premier BPO LLC China.

It was the first time this company had outsourced its work.  While it has numerous sophisticated software applications, it did not have the experience of integrating its system with an outsourcing company.  Premier BPO LLC, through its 13 years of experience in successful integration between clients and outsourcing resources and systems, set about and successfully integrated the client to facilitate the receiving of reports, transaction information, and any other information needed.

This company has a global footprint and multiple site operations, requiring updates related to financial regulations in different parts of the world that were to be communicated to the client’s operations team simultaneously. This required that we provide a mechanism to communicate updates to processors, and where applicable embed them into automated validation rules.  Furthermore, Operations Managers and team leaders needed real-time access to statistics to keep track of their team’s performance, as well as access to productivity and quality information.

To accomplish the client’s requirements, we implemented a unique referencing methodology using case numbers generated by the client’s system for every transaction that our processors performed. Our quality control team then randomly picked these case numbers for quality assurance. Team leaders and managers were able to view real-time stats.

Based on feedback from Premier on the best method for processing, email templates were implemented that automatically drafted most scenarios. This significantly improved processing speed and effective communication with clients. Quality Control feedback was also embedded in the process that would notify a processor if one of its processed tasks failed during audit.

We work with all sorts of clients that have a varying degree of technological prowess. Sometimes we come across clients that do not have an ERP solution, or if they have one it is not customized to accommodate outsourced resources.Our operations and technical teams work with the client to customize applications so they can effectively accommodate outsourced resources. In such situations, and if the client wants to start immediately, Premier BPO LLC will initiate a work around solution to get them started.

At Premier BPO LLC, we are ready when you are to initiate outsourcing to any of our three locations.


Talha Kamran


Director Operations at Premier BPO LLC Kunshan since its inception in 2009. Prior to that served as Data Analyst at Synectics Solutions (UK) and Manager Operations at Ovex Technologies (Pakistan). More than 7 years experience in outsourcing, data processing, and office automation.

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