Modern-day brand value is driven by Customer Experience Strategy and approach to omnichannel solutions. Customer Care specialists across the globe are always striving towards innovation and collaboration to surpass Consumer Satisfaction standards.

Recently, global Customer Care professionals came together to discuss new research topics, ideas generated, technological tools used, and best industry practices under the SOCAP Re-Imagine Virtual banner.

SOCAP event - Re-Imagine Virtual - Customer Care Conference 2020

The Society for Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP), is a community-driven, thought leadership organization. They believe in exemplary Customer Engagement through professional development, commitment to service, fellowship, and diverse usage of cutting-edge tools.


Customer Care Conference 2020 Features

Sharing inspiration, know-how, tried-and-true philosophies, and personal contributions; the involved speakers came together to impart their knowledge. The event is designed in four different sessions scattered over four weeks. As one of the imminent sponsors of the conference, Premier BPO, also contributed to week 2 of the procession, which took place on Oct 21st, 2020.      

Every individual session boasted a different selection of topics, each discussed under a separate flagship. Alternating with shared discussions and sponsor talks, each day’s activities ended with a round-table re-cap. With every week’s theme under a different header, the event covered topics like:

Training and Development

  • Empowering Collaboration: A Guide to Engaging Across Generations

  • How Companies are Managing the New “Normal” with COVID

  • Best Self Activation, Your Secret CX Super Power


  • Virtual Outsourcing Day (hosted by Premier BPO)

  • SOCAP/Benchmark Portal Results Presentation

  • Managing Successful Partnerships (From A to Z)

  • How BPOs Drive the Future of Review Engagement


  • The World Is Changing: Keeping Up In The Contact Center

  • Responding to Public Social Media Campaigns

  • Work From Home 2.0

Reporting and Metrics

  • The Operation Flywheel: The Science of Continuous Improvement for CX Metrics

  • Rapid Resolution: The New Customer Service Imperative

  • Reports, Metrics, Benchmarking, Analysis, Action, Results!!

  • Tips to Leverage Data Successfully, Pandemic or No Pandemic

Additionally, the hosts announced the results of a survey conducted on Remote Onboarding & Training, during the second week. This provided further insight into the new work norms and their effects on Business procedures.


Commencing the “Outsourcing” week 2 of the conference, Premier BPO showed its strong presence in the global business community. It was definitively ascertained that pre-established, cloud-based technology helped businesses continue operations during the lockdown. A key topic of the day was how enterprises struggled to adapt to the Work-from-Home model, and a quote that presented the gist of the event came to light:

“It shouldn’t have taken a pandemic for companies to make tech-savvy providers a priority”

Premier BPO’s sister company DinCloud’s capabilities allowed it to easily shift towards remote functionality. Prepared to mitigate any technical and technological challenges, dinCloud powered us to continuously audit teams, while providing access to applications and software at the mere click of a button. Also mentioned was how security and Remote Onboarding was a problem for many outsourcing companies; one that Premier BPO was fully geared to handle.

Other topics under discussion included a reiteration of the importance of Gamification, RFP processes, and Account Management. Premier BPO was openly willing to evolve with risk/reward SLAs to suit the clients’ growing expectations. Also highlighted in the session was the immediate attention required for online product reviews by all BPOs. Even though they do not possess the bandwidth to communicate online all the time, it could greatly affect their rankings and search metrics. Parts of the conversation revolved around how this was an opportunity for Outsourcing companies as well; as E-commerce sales are set to be 64% higher than last year, according to experts.

Concluding the day’s happenings with a closing session, the impact was on ways in which outsourcers can help improve a company’s Net Promoter Scores (NPS). Premier BPO can help corporations with such dealings, being a recognized outsourcing company that streamlines technology with manpower to generate cost-effective solutions.

Overall, the conference focused on how to leverage changing trends and customer data to enhance Customer Care.

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