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Business Continuity in the new normal is bolstered by Business Process Outsourcing across the globe. If you haven’t previously deliberated on utilizing the services of a bpo to further your business, you may want to reconsider. Effective overall cost-reduction, access to a highly-skilled talent pool, streamlined everyday operations, and application of cutting-edge technology are only some of the benefits associated with partnering with a bpo company.


Outsourcing firms today serve many Back-office functions related to Finance and Accounting, IT Services, HR, Telecommunications, Call Center, Marketing, Healthcare, etc., and across multiple bpo industries. To pick the right yet seasoned BPO partner to battle in-house costs with aligned future goals, it is imperative to know all the top options.

Our BPO Ranking Criteria

There is a plethora of BPO services and Third-party providers available worldwide when one may consider outsourcing. We have curated a list of companies with their featured services to identify what suits whom best, based upon certain specifications to help identify every organization’s niche. These include the number of employees, size of the company, and those which operate across at least five leading industries. Our carefully selected companies encompass those focusing on Back-Office Services, including those with offshore operations, although some of the below mentioned also utilize nearshore operations. Considering the greatest asset being global dispersion today, the ones specified below caught our eye. We have classified these into ideal choices from all large (1000 + employees), medium (250 – 1000), and small (up to 250); enterprises.

The important question, however, is which company is best suited to your business model? A large enterprise can easily entertain a few thousand seats for any singular project, while a company should use the services of a boutique business when looking to staff under ten seats. However, a mid-size enterprise is preferable for 20 to 250 seats with the flexibility to upscale or downscale. Depending on the magnitude of your operations, you can determine which type can provide the optimum service.  We have provided our Top 15 picks of 2022 that are gradually gathering popularity globally.

Top Mid-Size BPOs in 2022

1- Premier BPO as your Co-Sourcing Partner

With customer-centric values, Premier BPO focuses on sharing risk and reward for adaptive future growth with all its clientele. Established in 2003, privately owned and based in the US, we offshore on multiple locations with Data redundancy capabilities. Providing custom-built solutions while leveraging labor arbitrage to bring forth the best of manpower and cost, we treat your consumers as our own. Our operations are Disaster Ready, powered by our sister company dinCloud’s HVDs while offering 24/7 functionality.

Facilitating our clients, we also provide consultancy services to advise on what befits your organization. If you require an immediate initiation of 20 to 100 seats, Premier BPO is the perfect fit. We can readily upscale and downscale according to client demands in multi-location, data-redundant establishments.

We provide Contact Center Services, Back-Office Support, Software, and QA Support, IT Services, and much more. We possess a wide range of experience in industries like Telecom, Logistics, Healthcare, Software, Finance and Accounting, and E-Commerce. Our areas of expertise include:

Inbound/Outbound, Lead Generation, and Contact Center Services

Helpdesk and Service Desk solutions (NOC, Tier 1 and 2)

Bookkeeping, A/P, A/R, Invoicing, and Data processing

CRM management, Software Testing, and Quality Assurance metrics

Analytical reporting, IT Support, and Financial Asset Management

Custom Web, Mobile/App, and Database development

Medical Insurance Billing (Eligibility and Benefits Verifications)

Customer Care Lifecycle Management and Support

Marketing strategy (SEO, PPC, Social Media) and Content Moderation

Dedicated Remote Monitoring, Data backup, and legacy system migration

Revenue Cycle Management and Return on Investment

Personalized solutions through Right-Shoring and Co-Sourcing

2- Helpware

Gradually emerging as one of the top outsourcing bpo firms, Helpware has an impressive client base with over five years of industry expertise. They provide customized Customer Support teams with a major focus on Back-office support services and Taskware. Their focus is on cultural diversity with multi-location offices. Their offerings include

Customer and Tech Support

Data Entry and Research

Order Processing and Account set-up

Content Moderation and Annotation

Insurance and Transport verification

3- Unity Communications

An international BPO and Call center running since 2009, Unity Communications is based out of Arizona. With over 500 employees in multiple locations, they specialize in Customer Acquisition, Retention, and Technical Support Teams. Their service range includes:

Back Office Services

Telemarketing and Lead Gen

CRM and Helpdesk Support

Healthcare and Business Development Services

Data Entry, Bookkeeping, and Order Processing

Virtual Assistance

unity Communications

4- Ardem Incorporated

Established in 2004, privately held in New Jersey, Ardem combines technology, human innovation, and industry experience for streamlined work processes. Boasting a large selection of clients across various industries like Healthcare, Retail, Energy, Supply Chain, Finance & Accounting, etc., they provide personalized service as well. Emphasizing smart solutions, they offer:

Process Mapping, Re-Engineering, and Automation

Transactions and Billing

Data Mining, Capture, Analysis, and Management

Accounts Payable, Invoicing, Bookkeeping

Cloud Workspaces and RPA solutions

5- Enshored

Based in California since 2014, this privately held enterprise operates in various locations. Utilizing disruptive technologies, they optimize outsourcing to generate results. The industries they operate in include Media, FinTech, Hospitality, Sports, Leisure, and more. Their service list consists of:

Customer Support (e-mail, chat, social media, voice)

Content Moderation and Tech Support

Back Office Services

Data and Transcription services

Lead Gen, Sales, and Marketing


Top Small Size BPOs in 2022

1- Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions

Established in 2015 in Quezon, DBOS is a privately held company and specializes in offshore staffing. Promising cost-effective back-office solutions for industries like Insurance, Hospitality, Automotive, Telecom, etc. their services are:

Digital, E-mail, and Social Media Marketing

Data Processing, Accounting, and Insurance

Web/Software Development and Quality Assurance

Customer Support, Help Desk, and Telesales

Medical Billing

Graphic Design

2- Wow24-7

Based out of Kyiv, Wow24-7 has over 12 years of global experience with omnichannel services with multi-lingual support. Their operational industries include Tourism, Electronics, Aviation, E-commerce, Retail, and more with clients in over 12 countries. They offer services like:

Customer Support, Inbound Calls, and Telemarketing

Digital Transcription and Research

Content Moderation and Virtual Assistant

Call Center and SaaS Support

Data Entry, Knowledge base, and Tagging

3- Eminenture

A multinational organization founded in 2011, Eminenture operates in 18 countries with a niche in Business Process Management. Working in a vast array of industries like Insurance, Banking, Education, Communications, Travel, Retail, Technology, etc. they offer a multitude of innovative service solutions such as:

Data Entry, Mining, Analysis, and Reporting

Contact Center Solutions and Customer Support

App/Web Development and Marketing

Contact Center Solutions and Customer Support

Cloud Support and Managed Services

Bookkeeping, Accounting, and ERP

Research and Consulting

4- Concert8

Founded in 2017 in Vancouver, Concert8 offers Back office services in many industries such as Software, Healthcare, Travel, Fashion, Hospitality, Technology, Recycling, and more. Their multi-location service range includes:

Customer Support and Live Chat

Order Management and Collections

Tech Support, Sales, and Lead Generation

Claims Processing and Transcriptions

Virtual Assistance

5- Sonnecto

A customer solution driven company based in Kosovo since 2017, Sonnecto possesses client experience across industries like Pharmaceutical, Technology, Finance, Insurance, Retail, Technology, and more. Their services are tailored to customer needs and consist of:

Customer Support, Help Desk, and Onboarding

Web and Product Development

Lead Generation and Sales

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Market research and surveys

IT Support and Billing

Top Large Enterprise BPOs in 2022


A bpo company with over ten years’ experience and excellent customer reviews, Triniter offers multi-lingual support with a 98.7% client retention rate. With many top brands among the Fortune 500 as their customers, they offer services like:

24/7 Customer Support teams

Data Entry and Order Processing

Transcription and editing

AI and chatbot solutions

Data Entry and management

Back-office and Tech support

Recruitment and IT services

Customer Service

Insurance and Medical Billing


2- Teleperformance

A leading French Outsourcing company, Teleperformance offers Digital Integrated services for CX Management. With forty years’ worth of expertise, they have over 330,000 employees across eighty countries. They aim to provide omnichannel, modern technology to create more interactive and efficient Customer Experiences. They provide services like:

Customer Care, Tech Support (Tier 1- 4), Social Media Strategy

Sales and Chat Support

Accounts Receivable/Payable Collections

HR, Finance, and Automation Services

Cloud Services and Security

Market research and advanced reporting


3- Acquire BPO

Melbourne based firm with a global presence, Acquire BPO serves a myriad of industries such as Telecom, Finance, Insurance, Education, and Retail. The company provides front-line Back office services with technological innovation, facilitating onshore, offshore, and Work from Home models. Employing around 7,000 people, they have a presence in over 15 locations. Their award-winning services are certified per industry standards, are omnichannel, offer cloud capabilities, and include:

Contact Center Support

Customer Experience and Marketing

Bookkeeping, Payroll, and HR

KPO and medical transcription

Data processing and RPA solutions


4- Open Access BPO

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Open Access BPO is privately held and running since 2006. Serving clients among the Fortune 500 from multiple strategic establishments across the globe in over 30 languages, they offer BPO and KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) services. Hailing from industries like Healthcare, Technology, Finance, Engineering, and retail, etc. their offerings include:

Customer Experience Management

Multichannel Tech Support

Content Moderation

Data Processing and Transcription

Research and Back-Office Support

Open Access BPO

5. InfoCision

A private Marketing Solutions firm established in 1982 and headquartered in Akron, Ohio; InfoCision has a large portfolio of clients among the Fortune 500. Focusing on end-to-end Customer Care and Advertising solutions with multi-location establishments, they have expanded their service range to numerous industries. These include Telecommunications, Media, Healthcare, Fundraising, Training, Compliance, and Analytics, to name some. Their scope of services includes:

Omnichannel and Virtual Contact Center Support

Data Intelligence, Analytics, and Reporting

Employee Engagement and Gamification

Digital Marketing and Training

E-mail, Chat, and Social Media Support

Sales, Fundraising, and Volunteer Recruitment

Training and QA

Compliance and Technology solutions

An Outsourcing Company should serve as a time-tested, long-lasting partner, no matter the size. Ultimately a BPO provider in present times should reduce your overall costs, improve processes, generate greater revenue, and provide round-the-clock functionality, complete with cloud capabilities. For businesses to sustain in the New Normal, strategic and mutual growth is necessary. Therefore, it is vital to choose an outsourcing partner carefully, and after evaluating what may be the fitting choice.

If considering to outsource in 2022, Premier BPO is the principal option for any organization or vertical. Our WFH enabled workforce augments our service quality with geographically dispersed teams for cost-effective solutions. Premier BPO also possesses data back-up capabilities to allay any unforeseen circumstances or restrictions in workflows. We provide you with the competitive advantage you need, without compromising on quality. Our client-relations are sustainable and focus on milestones achieved through mutual growth.

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