A few years back, a very bright intern interviewed with me about working for Premier BPO LLC for the summer in our Chinese operations. He was…

A few years back, a very bright intern interviewed with me about working for Premier BPO LLC for the summer in our Chinese operations. He was considering two opportunities, a volunteer charitable job where he would be helping to feed very poor people, I believe also in China. In our role at Premier BPO LLC, he would be training and learning several BPO campaigns, helping to recruit and understand global BPO.

The Global Middle Class

At one point in the conversation, he asked me, “But what about the political rhetoric I hear about American jobs and the negative connotation associated with outsourcing?” I could sense that he would like to take our opportunity, but sensed the charitable opportunity might be better for his resume.

It’s a great question he asked. I had the opportunity to explain that because I have traveled to many places in the world, that I have a sense that folks everywhere in the world have the same desires, dreams and hopes as right here in Tennessee. Further I was able to elaborate that by Premier BPO LLC opening centers throughout the world, that in fact we are helping to build a global middle class. Our jobs are good jobs for the educated populace in geographies where we work, we bring western standards of excellence, work place regulations and the value of the individual. In fact, over the last 11 years of operation, we have many of our team that begin with our company, some of who have worked in many countries. Additionally, I was able to explain because we bring competition to the service sector where none has existed, that our clients are often the leaders in their markets, increasing the efficiency and productivity of areas such as accounting, payroll, order processing, and many other areas where client companies in the past have just had to accept higher and higher costs without any means to “get better.” As a result of using Premier BPO LLC, clients have gotten stronger, more profitable and have been able to hire more people in their original geography to handle the growth.

Best of all, because we are bringing commerce around the world, we are promoting enhanced lifestyles of the folks we employ, promoting a better global understanding of American core values of hard work, drive to get ahead and prosperity for everyone that works in Premier BPO LLC. This is quite a contrast from what one reads in the news.

The young man replied, I think I will take your job and he did, working in our Kunshan center of the summer and he told me he never regretted that decision.

Premier BPO LLC’s front office is your back office, creating global prosperity, one client at a time.


Mark Briggs, Chairman and CEO | Premier BPO LLC.


Mark R. Briggs is Premier BPO LLC’s Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. He has held this position since the founding of the company in October, 2003. Prior to founding Premier he was the CEO of ClientLogic, Inc. (now known as Sitel Worldwide), Intelligent Electronics, Inc. Reseller Division, and the Chief Financial Officer of Ingram Micro Inc.

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