Ever wonder what a bunch of MSP and IT leaders would discuss when put in the same room? The latest trends, future outlook, and technology in their business space of course. One key topic on the minds of MSP leaders is the engineering workforce and generally, how to staff in an IT labor crisis.

This year’s networking summit “MSP EXPO” just concluded in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Among the attendees were many guest speakers, including MSPs, and VARs. Premier BPO was there to engage with this audience of over 7,000 registered attendees.

Among the leadership present at the event, our COO, Dave Shapiro had a short interview with the event sponsor, TMC’s Group Editor in Chief, Rich Tehrani. The two touched on the challenges brought about by today’s labor market, and broached the topic of more effective staffing models like co-sourcing.

As a gold sponsor at the event, Premier BPO spoke with a number of MSPs and attended workshops. Below are our key takeaways from the expo, as per our leadership.

MSP EXPO Key Takeaways by Premier BPO

  • It was hard for anyone to avoid the Great Resignation:

    • Retaining talent and hiring people is still a struggle
    • All business verticals are facing the brunt of the labor crisis in one form or the other
    • MSPs and IT firms in the US. are badly affected and require immediate solutions amidst a talent shortage, particularly for technical talent
    • Scaling teams requires immediate staffing, but becomes difficult with demands from the “Great Realization”
  • Securing Client Data is Top Priority:

    • Increasing demands from clients’ employees to work from home is straining IT resources
    • Cybersecurity raises a myriad of concerns regarding data security, quality, and productivity for clients
  • Hiring Remotely has its Challenges and Benefits:

    • Hiring people across the globe is a necessity and is working as it opens up the otherwise competitive recruiting pool/li>
    • A top concern is how to keep teams secure yet provide teams with enough relevant information to function daily
How to Hire in 2022

Premier BPO Insight

  • Hiring in other parts of the US. rather than where a company is physically located is now accepted. Why not go across the ocean and expand your options further? If companies are willing to staff three or five states away, then why not a continent away?
  • There are other alternatives to hiring remotely; Offshoring will open up a global pool of technical talent amid a labor crisis. Premier BPO has the technology to support that, ensure security, and help provide staff for technical and support roles.

Our experts found that a lot of the attendees shared some common conclusions:

It is even harder now to find the right skill set for the right opportunity today. Rising labor costs due to increased recruiting competition and retention-related benefit expectations are a prime concern for many companies. Even if you do find suitable talent somehow, there is a lack of technical support at the back end to ensure everything runs smoothly at all times. Companies are driven toward increasing profits in the current economy and immediate scale is paramount. This is where an outsourcer or Co-sourcing firm like Premier BPO can assist.

Reach out to us if you are an MSP facing challenges hiring or retaining technical talent or other roles within your business.

About Premier BPO

Premier BPO’s purpose is to become a seamless extension of our client’s business. Our mission is to immerse ourselves in our client’s values to deliver a tailored experience. Co-source with a partner like Premier BPO for shared risk and reward partnerships with a consultative approach to ensure quality and efficiency at every step. We also hire additional resources at our own expense to allow work to continue round the clock and without disruption.

We possess the cloud-enabled infrastructure for WFH teams required to operate from anywhere across the globe. Our data centers are in the US, which means information is secure, cannot be downloaded on any of our servers, and never leaves the domestic location. Additionally, we also have PCI compliances in place across our operational sites to ensure data security and integrity.

Staffing skilled roles in a labor crisis is exceptionally difficult for IT companies. We can do it in half the time taken internally and with over 50% cost savings. Estimate your savings at our interactive ROI calculator when co-sourcing with us.

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