Virtual events can bring the global business leaders to your doorstep ­– or in today’s case, your desktop. Pandemic lockdowns worldwide may have stopped physical interaction but they have done everything right to further digital communication platforms. Nowadays, businesses are adapting to the ‘new normal’ by incorporating all modern technological tools in their day-to-day functionality.

IQPC is hosting a massive virtual gathering of professionals in collaboration with the Shared Services for Finance and Accounting banner. The online webinar series is a three-day proceeding, starting from June 16th, 2020 till June 18th, 2020; lasting each day from 8 am to 6 pm ET.

How Digital Solutions Ensure Your Business Prospers - SSFA Virtual Event

This collaboration with multiple sponsors, brings the C-suite of the global Finance industry together under one platform, to discuss the latest innovation of Shared Service Organizations. Any individual curious to expand their business network can make use of the webinars by:

  • Discovering business continuity methods amid social distancing barriers
  • Finding sponsors and partners
  • Learning tips and tricks of Back-Office Processing
  • Inquiring about evolving AI and RPA solutions
  • Finding adaptable cloud-based infrastructure for their on-premise enterprises
  • Learning about third-party compliance and the future scenario of Account Processing
  • Discussing methods of business optimization and brainstorming ideas

Furthermore, the attendees of the event can utilize a software, Brella, to enable networking. The AI platform enables the selection of speakers, meetings with sponsors, as well as an overall checklist of the proceedings. Other exchange tools include zoom sessions, text messaging apps, Q/A sessions, live chat forums, LinkedIn private events, and virtual communing.

What Premier BPO brings to the Table:

Premier BPO’s session encapsulates how business continuity can be achieved for Back Office Processing during any crisis. Providing offshore global labor arbitrage services, the company offers a remote-ready infrastructure for all manner of startups and pre-established, on-premise corporations.

Highlighting a complete stage by stage plan to enable business continuity, Premier BPO has visualized the way to move forward in the rapidly changing times. From this seminar enterprises can educate themselves on:

  • Best practices for business continuity
  • Advantages of dinCloud HVD systems
  • Benefits of outsourcing
  • How to reduce cost and increase efficiency
  • Transformation of operations according to need

If you want to explore digital leadership or simply update your business to sustain in the current scenario, these online virtual events will illuminate you. You can also get yourself registered to attend the sessions of your choice, but be hasty, as spots are limited.

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