Building legacy systems and people is giving way to the “as a service” economy.

Thomas Blake & Mike Burnstein

Business Development, Premier BPO LLC.

The conversation is all too familiar. A third party freight logistics company is facing challenges competing during the downturn of volume. Costs are higher while revenues, if growing at all, are deeply affected as a result of the downturn in oil prices. Legacy systems are cumbersome to adjust, corrections take forever and everyone is stressed out as the income statement tightens significantly. This scenario is happening over and over in many of the industries we serve, from insurance to banking, from credit organizations to medical professionals as well as in the technology space. No verticals are spared from these ongoing, negative, systemic challenges.

Growth, Margins and New Business Verticals

Such are the discussions we have on a weekly basis with our prospects, many of whom are faced with tough business decisions while the right answers escape them.

Fortunately, the corrective answers to these most difficult questions are right before them but are escaping them as a result of lack of business process considerations with which they may be familiar but as with respect to which they are not giving due consideration. Unfortunately, however, most of their competitors have not only given consideration to the right answers but they are deploying an action plan to implement them. Their competitors have recognized and implemented programs which are built on the basic principal which tell us that building legacy systems and people is giving way to the “as a service” economy.

Did you ever consider that some of the largest and fastest growing companies in the world are totally outsourced? Companies such as Uber, Skype and  Netflix have almost no investments in legacy systems and people, but, instead, are choosing to adopt and purchase their supply chain from others.

Our clients have taken advantage over their competitors by implementing these same or similar advantages. By utilizing the services and solutions of Premier BPO LLC, our clients have gained the ability to tap into the latest, up to date thought leadership in the each of the industries we serve. Additionally, they enjoy some of the highest caliber and lowest cost associates and resources in the world. Perhaps, the greatest advantage our clients have experienced in the rapidly changing economic cycles which we assist them in conquering is the fact that they have the ability to ramp up and ramp down free of the burden of fixed investment costs.

With a large global footprint and over 1,000 seats capacity in three different regions, Premier BPO LLC has been proving the superiority of “as a service” solutions as a huge advantage for our clients for over 12 years for some of the best mid-size business in the world. Premier BPO LLC was founded with the mid-size client in mind, the client who cannot afford to outsource 100’s of people, but who, as a result of our services and solutions, can seriously compete with the firms that do.

Blog submitted by Premier BPO LLC’s Senior Business Development Team: Mr. Mike Burnstein and Mr.Thomas Blake

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