Are you all set for the imminent Cyber Monday madness on 30th Nov 2020? Fall is here and Thanksgiving is approaching soon. After Black Friday on Nov 27th, the online mob of shoppers will have a field day with the innumerable sales and limited-time offers. No one is going to want to miss the opportunity to shop for the upcoming holidays. Even considering the economic crunch post-pandemic, the general public needs a solid reason to rejoice. What better time to be in holiday spirits and start browsing early?

Prep for Cyber Monday with Premier BPO

Even though there is the promise of greater revenues and phenomenal financial opportunities this time of year, consumer satisfaction must be considered. To effectively deal with the impending high volumes as per expert forecast, all E-commerce businesses will need an extra hand or two.

According to a forecast report by Deloitte, E-commerce sales are expected to grow by 25% – 35% during the 2020 – 2021 holiday season, generating up to 196 billion dollars.

If you belong to the Retail industry, and are ill-equipped to handle the Monday surge, then this time of year brings more headaches than holidays. You might want to consider alternatives to deal with shipping and order management if you want operations to go swimmingly, particularly during the blast sales. With everybody making their wish lists for Christmas gifts already, the barrage of customers set to flow through your virtual stores will cause havoc to your systems.



Since social distancing has caused us to re-evaluate our holiday celebration practices, most shoppers will be going online to satiate their consumerist appetites. What does that mean for virtual storefronts? It implies maximum optimization for minimum hassles and smooth-sailing transactions.

To make that possible, outsourcing is the scalable solution that can provide additional assistance, staff, system maintenance capabilities, and tech support to curtail any arising issues. All the necessary quality checks with the handling of surplus customers, differing from capacity, can be easily managed with an Outsourced E-commerce team.



Sudden traffic influx and surges can freeze-up your systems putting thousands of customers on hold. To avoid their annoyance and subsequently lost communication, ensure beforehand that your servers and staff can handle the pressure or at least redirect it. Other than the obvious benefits of cost management, load reduction, and stress-free transactions; Outsourcing for Retail services during the holiday daze can help you with:

  • Reducing cart abandonment

  • Handling peaking customer traffic

  • Getting extensive marketing plans

  • Increased Customer Experience and Retention

  • Checking speed, compatibility, and up-time

  • Freedom from repetitive Back-office tasks

  • Instant Tech support

  • Increased efficiency

Preparing months ahead, corporations have overstaffed and arranged for additional support teams to be ready for Cyber Monday. If you haven’t considered outsourcing as yet and require urgent assistance, Premier BPO can still relieve you of your troubles. We offer customized plans for each client and have the capability to aid your enterprise with a vast array of solutions.

Our E-Commerce services include Data Entry, Inventory, Customer Outreach and Support, Webstore and Database Management, Cataloguing, Maintenance, and System Support. We also help with Staffing, Bookkeeping and Accounting Services, Order Management, Web Design and Development, SEO/SEM and PPC, E-mail, and Chat Support. You can also utilize our extensive spread of Software Testing Services to invigorate and preserve continuous system functionality for the upcoming holiday sale mania.

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