Premier BPO LLC is a leading provider of outsourced solutions and serves customers in diverse industry verticals at our three BPO locations. With over 140 years of collective leadership experience, we provide unique customized solutions that bring significant value to our customer’s in the middle market and Fortune 500 club.

Our Client:

Our client is a leading, full service transportation management provider. It’s offices form a vast network spanning the globe. By coupling a flexible business model with robust technology that presents end-to-end shipment visibility. It delivers precisely tailored supply chain efficiencies for almost every industry leveraging creative, competitively priced multimodal solutions.


The primary challenge for us was to improve cash flow by processing the documents – invoices, bill of lading, proof of delivery, account receivable and accounts payable –  on the same day and in an errors free environment thereby shortening the payment cycle and improving cash flow.


Our highly experienced team studied clients’ business processes, document flows, data input methodology, along with the operational requirements. The team then redefined the paper flows for different transaction types for client’s various accounts. Premier BPO LLC established this relationship through the following areas of expertise:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable and Customer Service (Telephone and chat support)
  • Premier BPO LLC successfully reduced the unnecessary costs in the accounting process through modified work flow, process, and data input strategies. The changes, through this consultative approach, significantly improved the customer’s cash flow and delivered same day processing turnaround for the client.


  • Improvements in the document processing & payment cycle
  • Utilized time zones difference to complete all transactions well ahead of the next business day
  • Reduced the operational costs by over 40% by leveraging Premier’s global delivery capabilities
  • Significantly reduced errors caused by incorrect data input and data duplication