Leading U.S. Music Licensing Company Customer Service BPO Solutions Case Study


SESAC is one of the three leading U.S. performance rights organizations that facilitates with legal licenses, royalties, and collections for its vast clientele such as artists, performers, music creators, writers etc. SESAC required Premier BPO’s support in generating new leads while closing existing ones for licenses issued to play music legally among their client base of RNTs. While transforming their legacy systems to digital, Premier BPO personnel would provide cost-effective yet high-quality services parallel to the in-house standard, that were also easily scalable. From closing single to blanket license deals, addressing consumer concerns on the Customer Support platform, to providing legal information regarding policies; all was expertly handled by our team. Premier BPO not only performed higher than expectations, but also gave an ingenious value-added solution for enhanced sales: lead mining on social media channels through constant check on possible promotional opportunities expanding upon previous insufficient data lists. Our co-sourcing values and customized billing plan for SESAC has helped galvanize our partnership further. Despite the ups and downs faced during the pandemic, our partnership is as strong as ever, going on almost two decades.