The Challenge:

Founded in 2009, a national logistics firm was built on the idea that a successful business could be built with the foundation of an atmosphere where employees
could be themselves and be appreciated by their supervisors and co-workers. Started in the home of the co-founders, the logistics company experienced explosive
growth in a very short period of time, growing from $12,000 to $26 Million. Company leaders asked Premier BPO to handle routine day to day tasks and enable
their internal workforce to focus on projects that would allow the firm to continue to expand their operations.

The Solution:

The Logistics firm and Premier BPO collaborated extensively to build a program that would increase the efficiency of their in-house staff and support the corporate strategy towards growth and sustainability. The work fell into three different phases:

  • Review of current processes and state: Through a series of interviews with executive management and leaders within the organization, Premier
    BPO conducted a thorough evaluation of internal processes. By studying the organization’s processes, flow, data input methodology, and operational
    requirements, Premier PBO gained an understanding of the efficiencies and inefficiencies of the current processes.
  • Strategy Building: Based on the initial review of the current processes and methodology, Premier BPO devised a solution that incorporated the use of
    two dedicated representatives who took on the responsibilities of customer service, broker updating and problem solving common challenges for drivers
    (such as directions, fuel advances and appointment rescheduling.)
  • Execution plan: Based on the conversations between Premier BPO and the Logistics firm, it was decided to deploy two representatives, one of which
    would be available to cover the majority of a 24 hour time frame. One representative would work from 4 PM EST to 1 AM EST with the next coming in at
    10 PM EST through 7 AM EST. With this strategy in place, Premier BPO was able to assist the internal staff in covering peak times and support drivers on
    the road.

The Impact:

As a result of Premier BPO’s team, the retailer saw significant growth in the amount of returning customers. Premier BPO’s team made 1.4 million calls and were able to complete 6.3 surveys an hour. Premier BPO worked thoroughly with the client’s organization and provided effective and efficient lead generation support for the channel, helping them to meet their sales goals.

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