Expedited Billing And Accounting Solutions For Workforce Travel Management Company


LodgeLink is a workforce travel management solutions company that provides crew management services to its vast clientele across many industries. They required support for three-way matching of hotel folios to reconcile consolidated bills addressed to their customers. They also expected Premier BPO personnel to create a cost-effective, expedited solution while clearing a vast backlog of invoice charge sheets. Our Reservation Auditors and Folio collectors created a knowledge base alongside for every unique case, based on decision-making roles, adding value to the project. The Premier BPO team performed three times greater compared to the previous internal LodgeLink team by proactively contacting hotels with delayed folios to augment our client’s existing processing cycles. Our team rendered exceptional results with high QA measures, greater efficacy, and defined targets crossed; thus, prompting LodgeLink to expand to other services under our banner.