Gain Capital – Amplified, Cost-Effective Back Office and KPO Solutions for Forex Client


A global leader in Forex Trading, Gain Capital offers liquidity in shares, commodities markets, Indices, CFD, and broker programs across multiple continents to its vast client base. Gain Captial required a cost-effective, dedicated, multi-lingual team to handle their forex account management with GDPR and PCI compliant services and tools. Expediting all operations with visibility on GAIN’s portal (Salesforce), Premier BPO’s Data and Research Analysts reject and accept applications based on KPO decision-making roles; identifying the best new clients for GAIN. Our personnel constantly validate information for each new client, translating international documents where necessary, and qualified accounts based on individual regulations according to geography. Premier BPO provides GAIN with data redundancy measures with high accuracy, extensive process improvement, and QC screening. Our highly capable team has helped GAIN’s operations scale twice in size within a few months. Premier BPO identified and recommended Process Improvements that lead to an increase in productivity by 7% and C-SAT scores by 17%; resulting in an overall $70K of cost savings. Offering Business Intelligence to GAIN, Premier BPO has acted as their co-sourcing partner since the inception of the project, navigating the long-standing relationship with them, despite the challenges faced during the pandemic.