Cable Service Provider

About the Client:

Our client’s portfolio of operations ranges from high-speed Internet access and robust digital Cable/Satellite television offerings to professional sports teams, world-renowned entertainment venues and national television program networks.
Our client currently operates the nation’s biggest Cable/Satellite cluster, serving a collective number of more than 8.6 million households in US.


Challenged by a highly competitive industry environment and an increasing volume of non customer facing transactions processing, our client was looking for a solution that enabled it to reduce operating costs without compromising on quality and customer service. Another requirement was to gain the ability to invest more in its delivery infrastructure and to offer superior quality of voice & data services to its business & residential customers.


Professionals at Premier BPO devised a customized solution to meet the challenges faced by the client. Premier BPO designed a strategic plan that enabled the client to process transactions and documents efficiently without compromising on the quality. Records and documents were accessed digitally and turned around within 24 hours.

Solution: Strategic Plan:

  • Reviewed back office labor intensive & repetitive functions and mapped these for servicing from an off-shore location.
  • Train-the-Trainer sessions were completed at the client’s facility in New York.
  • Documentation of Processes & Work Flow for efficient migration of work to off-shore center.
  • Deployed secure point-to-point dedicated connectivity between off-shore and US-based voice and data center in Los Angeles.
  • Client data resided within client’s network thereby providing complete security.


The client was highly satisfied with the performance delivered by Premier BPO’s team.

  • The client initially projected outsourcing of approximately 33% fewer full time equivalent positions to Premier BPO.
  • In 3 months, the client was so pleased with Premier BPO’s performance that they decided to triple the current number of full time equivalent positions outsourced to Premier BPO.
  • After approximately one year, Premier BPO was providing support to the client’s entire portfolio of services (Cable Television, IP Telephony and Internet services).
  • To date, Premier BPO handles over 150 various daily, weekly, and monthly projects including special projects for the client covering Cable Television, IP Telephony, and Internet services.
  • Within a year, client realized savings in its operating costs and was also able to invest more in its technology infrastructure.

CRM –Real Time Account Updates:

  • Customer account maintenance, name/address changes, account rate code additions, deletions and updates.
  • Customer account equipment additions and deletions, billing and collection adjustments, Return mail activities, including updating addresses and names
  • Customer Pay-Per-View audits, updates, deletions, Internal account maintenance and adjustments
  • In house credit maintenance, Non-pay disconnects, Cash reconciliation to ensure money deposited in bank account reconciles with payments posted in the billing system
  • Provide support for both voice and cable/satellite services
  • Started the pilot project with 6 FTEs providing 24X7 technical support. The project gradually ramped up to 11 FTEs
  • Premier’s Tech Department maintained 93% quality which exceeded the target of 90% benchmark set by the CLIENT
  • Based on excellent quality and exceeding the SLA targets the CLIENT added 10 FTEs to provide sales functions and the sales project was ramped up to 14 FTEs after 2 months
  • Just like the technical support project Premier BPO exceeded the CLIENT’s expectation by achieving 87% in quality while the benchmark was 80%
  • We are currently handling Tier 1 (Front End Technician) & Tier 2 (Critical Issues Solution Provider) Support to the CLIENT
  • All new hires for the project go through an extensive 3 months training program designed by the CLIENT
  • All the KPIs and SLA requirements defined by the CLIENT are met and, in most instances were exceeded, by Premier BPO