Customized CX Management & Sales Solutions For E-Commerce Client


A digital home improvement market platform connecting homeowners to products and services, Build Direct aims to give freedom of choice to their customers without excessive pricing. With competitive bidding prices and a personal transportation network, they provide end-to-end service delivery for high-quality materials, customized plans, free samples, and technical support for installations. Build Direct required an increase in outbound sales while enhancing their C-Sat scores based on strict SLAs reaching QA to a minimum of 95%. Premier BPO personnel not only maintained a 100% C-Sat score but also added value by supporting Customer Retention; all the while, providing secure, PCI-certified services for transactions. Reducing their operational cost overall, we provided them with high-quality dedicated resources for multi-touch conversions, query management, closing sales, updating customer information, feedback, and support, and streamlining their Customer Care. Doubling their operations within a few months of the project initiation, Premier BPO has paved way for a long-standing relationship with Build Direct.