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Your organization might have purchased a Zoho Desk subscription 2 months ago or 2 years ago. However, you have that feeling that you aren’t getting the most out of what the system can offer. It has a lot of features, and you want to increase your support capabilities. After all, Customer Experience and Customer Support are increasingly critical differentiators.

This is where we come in! Imagine having a dedicated administrator or additional agents that can manage tickets. The Zoho Desk Admin means that you have an expert that stays on top of not only Zoho Desk trends, but also aligns to your business priorities as an extension of your organization. And if you bring on our Zoho Desk Agents, you’ll be able to extend coverage, be more responsive and improve your customer satisfaction.

You can choose to tap into just our Zoho Desk Admin or the Agents, or combine them. It’s your choice!

Zoho Desk Admin Outsourcing

As a Zoho specialist, Premier BPO LLC helps Zoho customers like you manage Zoho Desk by assigning a dedicated administrator responsible for your organization. The Zoho admin service allows you to have a specialized and trained resource that makes it their job to know Zoho Desk inside and out, and specific to your needs. You can utilize this as a standalone to support your existing agents or combine it with agent outsourcing.

Your Zoho Desk Admin will be responsible for:

Zoho Desk Agent Outsourcing

As a Zoho specialist, Premier BPO LLC helps you support your customers by tracking and responding to tickets in Zoho Desk. Agents are dedicated to you so they understand your policies, procedures and act as an extension of your support organization. You can utilize this as a standalone to support your existing agents or combine it with agent outsourcing. You can combine agents with the Zoho Desk Admin outsourcing or if you already have an admin, you can simply augment your support team. You can choose from regular day-time support, after-hours only, or 24/7 and in multiple languages.

Your Zoho Desk Agents will be responsible for:

Why Use Premier BPO LLC to Outsource Your Zoho CRM Admin

Outsourcing Expertise

Premier BPO LLC was founded in 2003 and has only been providing outsourcing services. We’ve developed processes based on our management team’s experience in the industry and evolved it over time. We look for long-term relationships with customers. We’ve also received industry awards and recognition across the globe.

Dedicated Admin

You’ll get a dedicated Zoho CRM admin instead of having to deal with a pool of shared resources. Many outsourcing companies will put small customers into a shared services model so each time you contact them, you might get a different person that isn’t familiar with your business, your processes, or your people. With Premier BPO LLC, you will have a dedicated admin that you can always go to and know that they understand your business, your industry, your processes and policies.

We’re a Zoho Client Ourselves

We use Zoho ourselves! Over the years, we’ve been working with Zoho and understand its evolution. We trust the product and believe in it when we go out and support our customers. We understand the interaction of different departments, the needs of management for reporting and how sales uses the tool. This means that we can also provide you with best practices and guidance.

Zoho CRM Admin Services

Over the years, we have been providing CRM Admin services and find that most customers want  to have an easy to understand package. We will customize our services to suit your needs. Below is an example of service levels we offer for Zoho Desk Admin outsourcing. If you have other ideas, let’s talk!

While these levels may give you an idea of the type of service you are looking for, we are happy to customize the service for you as well because you will have a dedicated Zoho Desk admin. This will allow you to determine how they can best serve your organization.

Contact us to discuss your needs further and we’d be happy to explore how our admin service can help you make better use of Zoho Desk.

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Basic Service Desk Setup and Ticket form Customization
Customer Support Channel Configuration
Customer Portal – Customization
Live Chat
Community Forums
Web To Ticket Form
Cloud Telephony – Zoho Desk Browser dialing
Knowledge base Articles for customer portal
Support Email address white labeling
Multiple Department Setup and Configuration
Support Desk Automation
Workflows – auto ticket assignment
Macros Setup
Notification Rules
SLA Management
Contract SLA
Help Desk Customization
Ticket Template setup with auto populated info
Custom fields for different department
Reports and Dashboards
Custom Reports
Custom Dashboard
Data access control setup
Zoho Desk Integrations
Integration with CRM – 360 degree view
Integration with Bug Tracker

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