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Our Back Office Services Include

Back Office Services

We apply an extensive Back-Office Process Lifecycle to provide the most efficient and feasible solution for the lowest cost of processing. We then design, automate, and replicate these operations for constant improvement. Enhancing your everyday functionality for accuracy and customization, we revitalize pre-existing operations

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Contact Center Services

Providing omnichannel solutions for Customer Acquisition, Engagement, and Retention, we offer personalized Contact Center services to our clients. Focusing on Customer Lifecycle Management to maximize sales and inspire Customer Loyalty, we also offer Tech Support for escalations, Help Desk, and 24/7 Customer Care solutions

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Financial Services

Allow you to make timely, critical, Financial decisions, we provide Book-keeping, Data & Asset Management & Treasury solutions with Analytical Reporting. Our F&A Services are FISA and ISO compliant and compatible with any client software. Our tailored plans reduce operational costs by 50% while achieving targeted milestones.

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Lowering customer acquisition costs
Increasing brand reputation
Boosting customer engagement and loyalty
Expanding market share and sales revenue

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PremierTech Solutions

Supporting a remote-ready, virtually powered system; our IT & Software Services enable uninterrupted operations with constant monitoring. Offering Software Testing, we assure quality and compliance with the latest technology standards. Our 24/7 functionally capable teams diagnose and troubleshoot all problems in real-time.

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E-Commerce Services

Devising custom marketing strategies for your E-com business, we create unique Customer Lifecycle Experiences. Effectively handling high traffic volumes by providing additional support on demand۔ we offer omnichannel Customer Care, product management, order processing, web & database development, CRM, Sales, Account Management, & Chat support.

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