We provide warranty registration and response services in order to prove product purchase and claim benefits to your customers.

In order to maximize the optimal benefits under a warranty for a particular product, the warranty must be registered within the time limit imposed by the product seller. The product seller may then request a copy of the warranty to show proof of product purchase in order to provide claimed benefits under the warranty.

Premier BPO LLC provides complete Warranty Registration and Claims and Response services for our clients including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Standardized or customized services which ensure that warranty registration is completed in a timely manner;
  • Provide copies of the warranty when needed/requested by the customer;
  • Response services which ensure that whatever products are provisioned by the customer, receive proper warranty notices, upgrades, support, and are promptly registered in order to assure continuous service;
  • Claims services which take information regarding claims, ensure that claims are properly and timely filed, transmit the claims to the appropriate client party/division for further action, claims follow up, and other claims services as may be provided by the client to the customer in such fashion as the client may require; and
  • Provide such other warranty related responses as may be required by the client including sales/up-sells/cross-sells of warranties and warranty related products or services.