Our transaction processing services are developed and adapted for the unique requirements of our esteemed customers

Transaction processing is the linkage of multiple individual operations into a single, indivisible transaction, while ensuring that all operations in a transaction are completed without error. When all operations of a transaction are completed successfully, the transaction is committed by the system, and all changes to the database become permanent. Most transaction processing systems also include a method for ensuring that all of the information entered as a transaction is simultaneously saved, kept in the database, and can be reported back to the customer.

For Premier BPO LLC, transaction processing includes the following transaction types:

  • B2B and B2C Collections;
  • Billing Services;
  • Data Entry and Transcription;
  • Employee Benefit Processing;
  • Medical Billing; and
  • Operational Analysis and Reporting.

Transaction processing is a tool that can help growing businesses deal with their increasing number of transactions. Careful planning must be done in order to ensure that transaction management does not become too complex. Premier BPO LLC’s outsourcing transaction service personnel work closely with our customers to develop seamless end-to-end processes that reduce costs, increase productivity, and do more for less effort.