T&E Expense Accounting

Premier BPO LLC Travel and Entertainment (T&E) outsourcing services allow businesses to reduce the cost and increase the productivity of the process.

Travel and Entertainment (T&E) expenses are the second largest controllable expense for most organizations. Hence, the process should get a lot of attention, especially when it comes to cost-saving initiatives through outsourcing. Premier BPO LLC provides Travel & Entertainment Reimbursement Review services by utilizing highly-skilled and trained resources. We review expense reports from our clients’ employees, confirm for adherence, and process the expenses accordingly. Premier BPO LLC ensures that inaccurate claims from employees are checked and rejected, which would otherwise end up adversely impacting overall company financials. In addition, the process also ensures turn-around-time committed to the employees for reimbursements.

Key activities in the process:

  • Approve reports, if in accordance with T&E Policy, and forward them to the Accounting Department or Payroll for payments;
  • Send reviewed reports back to the employee (by way of rejections) for insufficient documentation;
  • Suspend processing for want of additional information; and
  • Provide weekly metrics based on Expenses/Exception/Approval Analysis.